Where to Buy Earthing Shoes in the UK

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If you’re like me when I first heard of them, you may be wondering what on earth earthing shoes are?! Are they just another natural living trend, or is there evidence to it?

Most of us have some kind of damage to our feet from the shoe choices made over the years. Women damage their feet especially, from the use of heels or the opposite side of the spectrum: flat shoes.

It can be really difficult to find the middle ground and a pair of shoes that suit the contours of our feet specifically, not to mention supporting the damage they have undertaken.

Our day to day lives are full of the hustle and the bustle: travel, relations, work, and most of it carried out indoors. Many of us, in the UK especially, go to work, return from work, and then repeat the same process the following day.

There is very little time set aside for the outdoors. We don’t need scientific evidence to show us that a daily walk in the fresh air is good for us. Most people understand the benefits.

From a scientific perspective however, our bodies need light and air, and the outdoors provide an abundance of this.

When we are surrounded by nature, we are also surrounded by a plethora of energy restoring light and oxygen, produced by trees and plant life. This has become so redundant in the day to day lives of many, that people often do not see the outdoors until the weekend, if at all.


What Is Earthing?

‘Earthing’ is about ‘living with nature’ once again, and literally reconnecting with the earth beneath our feet.

This can be done in many ways. Simply going outside with bare feet constitutes as ‘earthing’, or ‘grounding’, as you may prefer to think of it.

Many people experience the benefits of earthing when shoes are cast aside, and bare feet are driven into the sand. Nothing beats a day at the beach, because it allows a person to reconnect to nature and fall back in line with the natural rhythms of the earth.

In scientific terms, grounding is the conduction of electrons found within the ground and transmitted to the body.
It is also the discharge, the induction of static electricity back into the ground, either directly or through a conductor. Dave Asprey describes earthing as the release of the day’s energy back into the ground.

Any chance to reconnect to nature can be thought of as ‘earthing’, from lying in the park, to getting in the sea, to gardening. These are all types of earthing, because they involve the physical contact of skin to the earth; whether it be water, earth, grass, or sand.

Walking barefoot on tiles even, is considered earthing; if the floor walked upon is close enough to the ground – think of basements.

Barefoot on grass

Is There Any Science Behind Earthing?

Earthing science is still a relatively new concept, although there has been some evidence of the health benefits it bestows.

There are quite a number of scientifically backed techniques that researchers are using to test the effects of grounding in a controlled manner. These vary from skin patches to conductive mattress pads, linked up to the ground outside.

In the studies that have been carried out, one small study found that earthing minimised blood clotting within participants, which would have a significant effect on cardiovascular disease risk.

Another study looked for the benefits of grounding when it comes to muscle tension and pain post exercise. It was found that grounding techniques used, improved white blood cell count and participants reported reduced pain. This indicates grounding helps with healing within the body.

A further study focused on how earthing might benefit fatigue, mood and pain levels within massage therapists. All participants reported reduced levels on all counts post earthing.

Although many of the studies conducted so far have been small, and need more extensive research; results are conducive across the board.

Interestingly, in a study that examined the effects of grounding upon sleep, muscle/joint pain and overall well-being, conductive mattress pads were used. Half the participants received pads that were then hooked up to the ground outside the window, and the control group received pads that were not hooked up. Neither group were aware of what measures they had received.

The results were conclusive; the non-control group reported almost unanimous improvement in sleep, pain and wellbeing, with 100% reporting feeling rested whilst awake.

The control group, who did not have pads connected to the earth outside, reported little improvement in their quality of sleep, pain level and overall well-being. In fact, 0% reported improvement in muscle, back and joint pain, compared to 82% and 74% improvement in the non-control group.

Evidence suggests there is widespread positive effect in grounding, despite more research being needed.


What Are Earthing Shoes?

Now you understand what ‘earthing’ is, it might help explain what ‘earthing shoes’ are.

Earthing shoes are a type of shoe where the sole is made thinner to allow for better conduction and induction, from earth to sole, to body, and back again. It gets a little more specific than this though… Earthing shoes actually rely on a metal conductor embedded within the sole of the shoe, to enable the conduction and induction of energy.

A copper disc is embedded within each earthing shoe and this allows the electromagnetic relationship to happen. Earthing shoes literally change the electrical state within the body for the positive because they promote the benefits of earthing. They enable the wearer to remain connected to the earth when close to a source, despite wearing shoes. That’s how earthing shoes work.

Earthing shoes also promote the benefits of being able to stimulate the acupuncture points of the sole of the foot, due to the softness and thinness of the shoe sole.

Thankfully, earthing shoes come in a variety of styles and can be proudly worn, as well as reaping the health benefits.


Where to Buy Earthing Shoes in the UK

Earthing shoes are new, so there are not a lot of options out there.

Many marketed ‘earthing shoes’ are shoes with thin soles, no copper plate, and not necessarily good for your feet. Although a thin sole will indeed increase the likelihood of earthing, they are often only for indoor or soft terrain use.

Here are a variety of the earthing shoes available, in the UK.

1. Raum Goods


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We have included Raum Goods because it is the creator of earthing shoes in our opinion. They are a US company but they do ship to the UK, and despite shipping rates, they are so affordable for what they are; they are worth it.

They come in many colours and have styles for both women and men.

Raum Goods come complete with the copper metal disc that enables conductivity, and it is placed at the KD1 pressure point upon the ball of the foot.

Raum Goods is more than just an ‘earthing shoe’ though. Made from soft water buffalo leather, they use zero synthetic materials, therefore reducing water usage and promoting natural materials instead. The water buffalo leather is a by product of the food industry, and is even dyed naturally.

The shoe is manufactured in Europe and 10% of the workforce are Syrian refugees, therefore you are buying a shoe that pays fair wages.

As well as this, the shoe is so soft to slip on, it will have you purring, and this includes when you are outside. Even though the sole is super thin, it is not so thin as to make it uncomfortable to walk in. The contours of the feet will feel the ground, as they are meant to do, but without the sharp gasp of pain or the unheedy feeling of precarious heels.

The leather will mold to the contours of the foot over time and these are made to be worn without socks, since they are porous.

Raum Goods earthing shoes support the heel but allow for natural strengthening within the arch of the foot, this is how people were intended to walk.


2. Earth Runners


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Earth Runners deal mainly in sandals for the outdoor adventurists. Think sandals with functionality that you can wear on that hike.

American made but shipped to the UK, we think Earth Runners are a great little discovery.

Founded by Mike Dally, an engineer who found himself in a spot of bother when all he had was flip flops on his hike, Earth Runners was born. Mike used tape he had in his bag to re-engineer his flip flops and found it took his trail running to another level.

These are sandals that can be used for trail running and seek to emanate the traditions of local tribesmen, who run in barefoot ideology sandals.

Barefoot footwear is footwear that allows for contact with the earth. Mike went one step further and incorporated copper plugs into the technology of the sandals that are now Earth Runners, the soles also come with varying width and zero drop soles. Zero drop soles allow for the natural positioning of the feet.


3. Lambland

What we love about Lambland, is they are made in the UK and they are beautifully handmade, of natural materials.

Loafer style, completely chic and in a couple of colours, they are easy to look at.

Okay, so they are not made for the outside, but they are your earthing indoor shoes.

Made of leather and suede on the sole, Lambland emanated the Native Americans who brought moccasins to our attention. The result is beautiful, naturally earthing shoes.

Lambland do not incorporate the copper plug, but because they are made of leather, as the feet sweat, it becomes a natural conductor for electromagnetic activity. Therefore you can ground indirectly with leather. This is also the case when walking on damp ground…maybe for a quick trip outside to the garden!


4. Etsy

Like with most things, Etsy has a version of earthing shoes. They may not come complete with copper plate, but they are often beautifully handmade, natural, artisan, comfortable, and thin enough to serve the earthing purpose.

These earthing shoes in particular are barefoot shoe worthy and come highly recommended.


Earthing Shoe FAQs

Can you Get Other Earthing Products?

Yes, you can obtain other earthing products such as sheets, pillows and mouse pads that will help you reconnect to the earth.

Are Birkenstocks Earthing Shoes?

Unfortunately, Birkenstocks are not earthing or grounding shoes. The sole is too thick to be earthing.



In conclusion, we highly recommend Raum Goods earthing shoes. The real deal in earthing footwear, they will not cost the earth-and have you singing for joy. They are inspired by Bali and look to preserve the environment, whilst also steering people back in the direction of authentic footwear.

You can read more about earthing, via one of the pioneers of earthing: Clint Ober and his book Earthing: the Most Important Health Discovery Ever.

3 thoughts on “Where to Buy Earthing Shoes in the UK”

  1. For the price of the 1st two companies id rather adapt a pair of my own soft soled shoes and insert copper!
    A lot of money for hardly any shoe. Im open minded but i think this is a con!

    1. Totally agree, use your own footwear plus an insert and save a ton of money.
      Moreover I don’t get the logic of saying of Raum, that 10% of the workforce are Syrian, therefore they get paid fair wages?! They could just as easily be getting exploited surely? They are made in Turkey as I understand it which in general hasnt got a great reputation for supporting Syrian refugees adequately (from a documentary I watched a few years back anyway!) So personally I’d need to have a firmer assurance on fair working pay and conditions to be comfortable buying them.

  2. I personally prefer Lambland. They arw local, Uk made and you can absolutely use them for outside. The sole is thin leather which is so soft and when walking you are actually massaging your feet, a benefit you don’t get with other brands.
    The author forgot to mention groundology.co.uk, a website where for 50 quid you can get a few kits to transform any of your ordinary shoes into grounding shoes.

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