Where to Buy Sugar-Free Chocolates in the UK

Are you struggling to find tasty, affordable sugar-free chocolates online? Look no further! Here’s our list of the best UK-based online shops to buy sugar-free chocolates.

We’ve highlighted each website’s chocolate selection, delivery options, location and more information to help you choose the ideal shop to purchase from.


Sugar-Free vs No Added Sugar (NAS): Are They the Same?

For legal reasons, some products can’t be labelled as sugar-free. In the UK and EU, chocolates and other items may only be called “sugar-free” if they contain less than 0.5g sugar per 100g.

Most fruit-flavoured chocolates bars and chocolate-covered nuts can’t be labelled as sugar-free as they contain naturally occurring sugars.


1. Ocado

Best for: Environmentally-friendly delivery

Ocado was launched in 2000 – they’ve since expanded to become the UK’s largest online-only retailer.

They operate a large fleet of bio-diesel fuelled delivery vans and are looking towards electric vehicle delivery. All Ocado plastic bags are biodegradable and will naturally break down within a year.

Ocado’s business is set up to be as efficient as possible. They use Customer Fulfilment Centres instead of brick-and-mortar supermarkets; these state-of-the-art facilities handle 25 times as many orders as traditional supermarkets. Their head offices are carbon-neutral.

Just 0.04% of the products handled by Ocado end up as waste. Their advanced software predicts trends among shoppers, allowing them to adjust their stock in advance.

The Ocado website currently lists 10 sugar-free and no added sugar chocolate products for sale:

  • Ohso Good Chocolate 7 Milk Chocolate Bars – no added sugar (94g)
  • Guylian No Added Sugar Milk Bars (100g)
  • Planet Organic No Added Sugar Hazelnut Praline Chocolate (70g)
  • Free’ist Sugar Free Milk Chocolate (75g)
  • Trapa Milk Chocolate with Stevia (75g)
  • Guylian No Added Sugar Dark 84% Bars (100g)
  • Planet Organic No Added Sugar Dark 75% Chocolate (70g)
  • Free’ist Sugar Free Dark Chocolate (75g)
  • Firetree 100% Solomon Islands Guadalcanal Cocoa Bar (65g)
  • Planet Organic No Added Sugar White Almond Chocolate (70g)

Ocado has the largest proportion of Fairtrade and organic products compared with other major UK online supermarkets.

Daily delivery slots are available between 5.30am and 11.00pm. All Ocado orders are subject to a 10p bag charge, in line with government law. Their plastic bags are refundable and can be returned to Ocado for reuse and recycling.


2. Amazon

Best for: Speedy delivery

Amazon sells almost every product imaginable. Some items on their website are made by Amazon, but the majority of products they sell are supplied directly from other brands.

Many major sugar-free chocolate brands, including Torras, Diablo and Free’ist, have official Amazon stores. Buying from brand stores on Amazon can be quicker, easier and sometimes cheaper than buying from supermarkets or other online shops.

According to Amazon’s 2021 Sustainability Report, the company is aiming to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025 and make net-zero deliveries by 2030. To further reduce their carbon footprint, Amazon has ordered 100,000 electric vehicles for use worldwide.

Amazon Prime members can also buy items from major UK supermarkets via Amazon – this service is limited in rural areas. This allows customers to choose sugar-free chocolates and much more from high street supermarkets including Co-op and Morrisons.

There are more than 12 million individual items for sale on the Amazon website; there are too many sugar-free chocolates available for us to list them all here. Instead, here’s our pick of the six best sugar-free chocolates listed on the Amazon UK website:

  • Perlege & Balance Sugar Free Chocolate with Stevia (42g bars)
  • Torras No Added Sugar White Chocolate Bar (75g)
  • Diablo Milk Chocolate Bubble Bar (30g bars)
  • Soopergood Sugar Free and Vegan White Chocolate Bars (40g)
  • Sugar-Free Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate (85g)
  • Klingele Chocolade Balance No Added Sugar Belgian Chocolate Seashells (300g)
Brand Focus: Torras

Torras No Added Sugar White Chocolate Bar, 75 Grams

Torras, located in the Catalonian city of Girona, is one of Spain’s oldest chocolate companies. Torras produces 96 different chocolates for international markets, including 56 varieties of sugar-free chocolate bars.

Many of their bars are flavoured with classic ingredients including nuts, milk, mint and orange. They also produce a wide variety of fruit flavoured sugar-free chocolate bars, featuring unique fruits including kiwi, strawberry, apple and mango.


3. Planet Organic

Best for: Organic sugar-free chocolates

Planet Organic started as a simple, London-based health shop. They have since expanded into the largest chain of Soil Association Organic certified health shops in the UK.

For the past four years, Planet Organic has been a zero-food-waste business. Excess food is distributed to the Olio and Too Good to Go charities.

None of Planet Organic’s products contain genetically-modified ingredients or artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours and preservatives.

Orders are packaged in 75% recycled cardboard boxes. Biodegradable plant gel ice packs are used to keep products chilled during transit.

Planet Organic helps young people with learning difficulties get work experience through supported internships.

The business provides charitable and personal support to the Drive Forward Foundation and The House of St. Barnabas; these charities are helping to support the employment of homeless persons and children leaving care.

Orders are packaged in FSC-certified cardboard boxes, padded with crumpled recycled paper. Some products may be wrapped in compostable zip-lock bags or sheep’s wool insulated liners, which keep items cold during transit.

Planet Organic has three delivery options; Standard (3-5 days), Next Day and Pre-Midday Next Day. Delivery is free for orders over £50!

The Planet Organic website is filled with a range of sugar-free and low-sugar chocolates, including coated nuts, truffles and bars. Their website lists the following items for sale:

  • Planet Organic Low Sugar Hazelnut Truffles (80g)
  • Planet Organic No Added Sugar Dark 75% Chocolate (70g)
  • Planet Organic Low Sugar Almond Truffles (80g)
  • Planet Organic No Added Sugar White Almond Praline Chocolate (70g)
  • Planet Organic No Added Sugar Hazelnut Praline Chocolate (70g)
  • Conscious Chocolate Pure Dark 100% Cacao (60g)
  • Vivani 99% Dark Chocolate (80g)
  • Vivani Superior Dark 100% with Cocoa Nibs (80g)
  • Blanxart 100% Peru Chocolate (80g)
  • NOMOSU Dark Chocolate Bar with Orange Zest (90g)
  • NOMOSU Matcha Chocolate Bar (85g)
  • NOMOSU Milk Chocolate Bar (85g)
  • Ombar 100% (35g)
Brand Focus: NOMOSU

NOMOSU dark chocolate bar

NOMOSU is an organic, no-sugar chocolate brand. Their brand name is a portmanteau of “NO MOre SUgar”.

They currently produce eight sugar-free chocolate bars, sweetened with natural Stevia; some flavours include matcha, hazelnut and almond butter.

Unlike many other chocolate producers, NOMOSU chocolate bars contain organic dietary fibre derived from cacao shells and chicory root, as well as natural inulin fibres from agave plants.

The only sugars in their products are from the ingredients used, no sugars are added.

The high fibre content in these chocolate bars gives them a low glycemic load; NOMOSU is a great choice for diabetics and sugar-free chocolate lovers.


4. Helen’s Chocolates

Cavalier Stevia Dark Berries Bar

Helen’s Chocolates is a family-run chocolatier, operating since 1989. They have a physical store in Bowness-on-Windermere but maintain an equally well-stocked online shop.

Their sugar free chocolates are sweetened with Stevia or maltitol. All of their products have a shelf life of at least 3 months from the purchase date.

They use cocoa sourced from ethical, high-welfare farms. Their chocolates are not suitable for people with nut, dairy or gluten allergies.

Helen’s Chocolates works hard to dispatch orders to customers as quickly as possible; online orders placed before midday are dispatched the same day. Standard, Express and Signed-for deliveries are available to most UK postcodes.

The Helen’s Chocolates website sells the following sugar-free and low-sugar chocolates:

  • Cavalier Stevia Dark Berries Bar (85g)
  • Cavalier Stevia Dark Chocolate Bar Net weight (85g)
  • Cavalier Stevia Milk Bar Net weight (85g)
  • Cavalier Stevia Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar (85g)
  • Cavalier Stevia Praline Sea Shells (125g)
  • Perlege No Added Sugar Chocolates (125g)
  • Perlege No Added Sugar Chocolates (170g)
  • Sugar Free Chocolate Nibbles (150g, 375g & 500g)


5. Sweets Without

Sweet Without is an online-only confectionary shop based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. They exclusively stock sugar free sweets, chocolates, nuts and other items.

The website is filled with confectionery from around the world. Many of their items, including sugar-free chocolates, can’t be found in typical British supermarkets and sweatshops.

All Sweets Without orders are fulfilled by Royal Mail. Sweets Without offer cheap delivery across the UK. Orders below £15 have a £2 delivery fee while orders totalling above £15 qualify for free Standard UK (weekday) delivery.

As well as sugar free chocolates, Sweets Without also sells a variety of sugar free puddings, jellies, liquorice, biscuits and cakes.

The Sweets Without website has an amazing range to choose from; they stock significantly more brands than most other online shops and have a sugar free chocolate.

  • Simpkins No Added Sugar White Chocolate (75g)
  • Guylian Stevia Dark Chocolate No added Sugar (100g)
  • Guylian Stevia Milk Chocolate No added Sugar (100g)
  • Lite Dark Chocolate With Stevia (No Sugar Added) (85g)
  • Lite Dark Mint Chocolate With Stevia (No Sugar Added ) (85g)
  • Lite Dark Chocolate with Orange and Stevia (No Sugar Added ) (85g)
  • Lite Milk Hazelnut Nut With Stevia (No Sugar Added ) (85g)
  • Lite Milk Fruit and Nut With Stevia (No Sugar Added ) (85g)
  • Lite Luxury Praline Selection (No Added Sugar) (150g)
  • Cavalier Dark Stevia Chocolate (No added sugar) (85g)
  • Cavalier Stevia Milk with Hazelnuts Chocolate (No Added Sugar) (85g)
  • Cavalier Stevia Milk Chocolate with Stevia (No Added Sugar) (85g)
  • Cavalier Dark Berries Stevia (No Added sugar) (85g)
  • Torras White chocolate with strawberries (NAS) (75g)
  • Torras Dark Chocolate with Rose Pepper, Cinnamon and Chilli (NAS) (75g)
  • Torras Dark Chocolate with Apple (NAS) (75g)
  • Torras Dark Chocolate with Mango (NAS) (75g)
  • Torras Stevia Dark Chocolate with Berries (NAS) (125g)
  • Torras Stevia Dark Chocolate with cinnamon (NAS) (125g)
  • Torras Stevia Dark Chocolate (60% Cocoa) (Sugar Free) (100g)
  • Torras Stevia Milk Chocolate (NAS) (100g)
  • Torras Stevia Milk Chocolate with Almonds (NAS) (125g)
  • Belvas’s Cocoa Hearts Hazelnut Praline (No Added Sugar, Vegan) (100g)
  • Perlege Stevia Dark chocolate and Dark Orange Ganache (42g)
  • Perlege Stevia Dark chocolate and White Ganache with Fruit Of The Forest (42g)


6. Friars

Friars No Added Sugar Chocolates

Friars was established in 1927. They’ve been producing their own chocolates in Keswick, the Lake District since their founding almost 100 years ago. Their website sells both homemade chocolates and chocolates made by other brands.

Friars operates two physical stores in the north-west of England. In 2021 they recycled over 80 tonnes of cardboard. They use 100% LED lighting and run all of their facilities on renewable-sourced electricity.

All Friars online orders are packed in 100% Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified cardboard. Some of their product packaging is biodegradable as well as recyclable.

Over 200 of their products are free from palm oil, including all Friars-made chocolates made in their own Friars has a unique claim to fame: they were the first chocolatier to produce a prosecco truffle.

Their website currently lists four no added free chocolate items for sale:

  • No Added Sugar Chocolates – 15 Chocolates
  • No Added Sugar Chocolates – 48 Chocolates
  • No Added Sugar Chocolates – 24 Chocolates
  • No Added Sugar Belgian Chocolates 170g – 16 Chocolates


7. Plamil

Plamil So free Vegan Oat M!lk No Added Sugar Bar

Plamil was set up as a pioneering milk-alternative producer in the 1960’s, using plants instead of milk.

Over the years, their focus has gradually shifted to producing a wide variety of plant-based foods, including confectionery.

Their chocolates and other products are free from most common allergens, which are: Celery, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Gluten, Lupin, Milk, Molluscs, Mustard, Peanuts, Sesame, Soya, Sulphites and Tree Nuts.

This chocolatier has a high ethical standard, selecting cocoa from the Dominican Republic, all of which is certified as Organic or UTZ/Rainbow Alliance approved. They use 100% renewable energy to power their production line.

Their sugar free chocolate bars are certified by both UTZ and Sugarwise. All Plamil products are Vegan and approved by the Rainforest Alliance and Soil Association. Their production line is SALSA certified.

Plamil makes their chocolates in two sizes: 70g bars and 35g snack bars. They currently produce these four no added sugar chocolate bars:

  • Plamil So free Vegan Oat M!lk No Added Sugar Bar (70g)
  • Plamil So free No Added Sugar Finest Dark Chocolate (80g)
  • Plamil So free No Added Sugar Cool Mint Dark Chocolate (80g)
  • Plamil So free No Added Sugar Espresso Dark Chocolate (80g)

Orders under £24.99 have a delivery fee of £4.49. There is no delivery cost for orders above £25.00. Plamil has a flat packing fee of £2.60 on all orders, which are dispatched using Royal Mail standard delivery.


8. Diabetic Hampers

Despite their name, Diabetic Hampers doesn’t just sell hampers. All of their items can be bought individually and delivered in normal, recyclable cardboard packaging.

The Diabetic Hampers website sells a wide range of sweets and chocolates that are ideal for people looking to limit their sugar intake. All of their products are free from sugar, gluten or both.

Diabetic Hampers also sells a range of hampers for all events. These make great gifts, but can be enjoyed just as much when bought as a personal treat. The hampers are packaged in a traditional wicker basket.

Diabetic Hampers delivers to UK addresses, including the UK’s Islands. They send orders on all weekdays and offer both Standard UK delivery and Express UK delivery, via courier services. Orders can be tracked once they are dispatched.

Here are six no added sugar or sugar-free chocolates from four brands available on the Diabetic Hampers website:

  • Diablo No Added Sugar Chocolates with Stevia (115g Box)
  • Reduced Sugar Belgian White Chocolate bar (100g)
  • Balance No Added Sugar Belgian Dark Chocolate bar with Stevia (85g)
  • Balance No Added Sugar Belgian Chocolate Selection Box
  • Simpkins Sugar free Chocolate Eclairs (75g)
  • Balance No Added Sugar Belgian Milk chocolate bar – with Stevia (85g)
Brand Focus: Balance Chocolate

Balance No Added Sugar Belgian Milk chocolate bar

Since 1995, Balance has been producing authentic Belgian chocolates from their own factory. The confectioner is based in the East Flanders region of Belgium, a country known worldwide for its chocolate-rich heritage.

They make a variety of no added sugar chocolates including bars, waffles, biscuits and pralines. Balance Chocolate also produces sugar reduced baking chocolates, ideal for home cooks on a low-sugar diet.


9. Sweet Victory Products

Sweet Victory Products is an online only shop that sells sugar free and low carbohydrate foods, ingredients and snack alternatives.

They are a small and independent British business. Uniquely, their sugar-free sweets and chocolates contain a diverse range of sweeteners, including Stevia, Isomalt, Lactitol, Aspartame, Sorbitol, Maltitol and Xylitol.

The company is headquartered in a temperature-controlled facility in Cheadle, Stockport; they have a 5 out of 5 rating from the Food Standards Agency. Their website lists low carb and low sugar items from a massive 65 different brands from around the world.

The Sweet Victory website lists the following sugar-free and low-sugar chocolate products:

  • Funky Fat Foods Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar (50g)
  • Funky Fat Foods LCHF Organic White Chocolate Bar (50g)
  • Simpkins No Added Sugar 6 Chocolate Bar Gift Mail Box
  • Max Mallows Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Chips (142g)
  • Chocolat Stella No Added Sugar Premium Swiss Chocolate – 72% Dark With Cocoa Nibs (100g)
  • Pure Heavenly Chocolate Dairy Free – Dark Orange* (85g)

*contains less than 1% sugar

As well as selling directly to customers through their website, Sweet Victory also sells their items from their official eBay store.

Sweet Victory lets their customers choose delivery options from Royal Mail, UPS and Parcel Force; tracked and next-day delivery is available. Orders are sent to all UK addresses 5 days per week, excluding holidays.

Customers in the Greater Manchester area can get same day delivery Sweet Victory orders where possible.

Sweet Victory also has a free newsletter. Subscribers are eligible for 10% off their first order!


10. Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett’s stores can be found spread across the UK. They have over 1,300 stores worldwide and have a well-stocked website, which sells health foods, supplements and other health-related items.

They are partnered with the Healthy Hope Foundation, which fundraises for health, wellbeing, and environmental protection causes. Holland & Barrett’s makes an annual donation to the Rainbows Children’s Hospice in Loughborough.

Holland & Barrett currently sells:

  • Diablo No Added Sugar Cream Filled Milk Chocolate Wafer Bar (100g)
  • Diablo Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts Bar (85g)
  • Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites White Chocolate Raspberry Flavour (1 x 32g)

Holland & Barrett aims to be as green and energy efficient as possible. To keep air miles to a minimum, they source over 95% of their products from suppliers within the UK.

In 2009 they became the first high-street shop to ban plastic bags within their shops.

All Holland & Barrett advertising is printed on renewable materials and they manually verify that none of their products contain microbeads.

They regularly have large sales on their items, including the widely-known 1p sale, which could help you to buy sugar-free chocolate at budget-friendly prices.


11. 4ecoshop

Best for: Sugar-free chocolate wafers

4ecoshop is an online-only shop that specialises in natural and organic foods and body care products. Their website is chock-a-block with dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free products, some of which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

4ecoshop is a UK-based distributor of Polish foods but also source products, including sugar-free chocolate, from other countries.

They sell over 40 sugar-free chocolate bars and pralines from multiple brands including Torras. 4ecoshop also has a separate section dedicated to sugar-free wafers and cookies.

Wafer biscuits are incredibly popular in Poland and surrounding European countries. While they’re not as common here in the UK, sugar-free wafers can be an excellent, low-calorie alternative to sweets and chocolate bars. Plus, they don’t melt!

Here are some of the sugar-free chocolates and chocolate wafers sold by 4ecoschop:

  • Dobra Kaloria Sugar Free Bar Coconut & Cashew (35g)
  • Torras Organic Dark Chocolate 79% Cocoa Sugar Free (100g)
  • RED Dark Chocolate Bar No Sugar (26g)
  • RED Dark Chocolate Bar With Orange & Almonds No Sugar (26g)
  • Diablo Sugar Free Cream Filled Chocolate Wafers (100g)
  • Diablo Sugar Free Chocolate Chip & Cranberry Cookies (135g)

UK orders are fulfilled by DPD and Collect+; they aim to dispatch orders within 1 to 2 working days. Payment for 4ecoshop orders can be made via PayPal or credit card.


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