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Advice and recommendations on “free from” foods and drinks for those looking to avoid certain ingredients and chemicals.

Breakfast cereal and milk

Which Cereals Are Gluten-Free in the UK?

Many people eat gluten-free diets because of allergies, intolerances, or health choices. Regardless of your reasons for restricting your diet, finding gluten-free food is essential for ensuring you receive the right balance of nutrients and don’t accidentally consume something you shouldn’t. Thankfully, most UK supermarkets offer a good selection of gluten-free products, including branded and […]

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Tub of margarine

Is UK Margarine Trans Fat Free?

Trans fats are naturally occurring fats found in limited amounts in dairy and red meat products. These fats can also be artificially manufactured from vegetable oils and other unsaturated fats through a process called partial hydrogenation to produce solid fats like margarine. This process is what has given trans fats their second name: partially hydrogenated

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Wheat in field

How to Avoid GMO Foods in the UK

Most of us are familiar with “genetically modified organisms”, or “GMOs” for short. These plants and animals have had their natural genetic material (DNA) changed through modern biotechnology methods to give them specific desirable qualities. Genetically modified foods (GMO foods) refers to plants and animals intended for consumption whose DNA has been altered or that

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Cattle grazing on farm

Does UK Meat Contain Hormones?

Growth hormones are used in cattle in many parts of the world. Using hormones in meat production can make an animal more valuable by increasing the amount of lean muscle and reducing the amount of fats. Hormone-treated animals also require less food to maintain the same muscle mass due to hormonal treatment, so they are

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BHT and BHA free

What Foods Contain BHA and BHT?

Food additives serve an essential role in the food industry. They can help to preserve food or improve its flavour, colour, or texture. However, some food additives are potentially hazardous, and you might consider eliminating them from your diet. Two such potentially dangerous additives are butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrizyttiluene (BHT). Both of these

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