Dylan Kitson

Dylan Kitson is a freelance writer and researcher based in Brighton, England. He's a passionate promoter of all things health, working with supplement companies, health & fitness blogs and consumer review websites.

Uncooked and toasted fava beans

Where to Buy Fava Beans in the UK

Fava beans are surprisingly versatile; they can be fried, pureed, boiled, baked, barbecued or prepared in a whole host of other ways. Fava beans are also great for the soil. Farmers plant their fields with fava plants between crops, preventing soil erosion. Fava beans have been eaten for millennia. These thumbnail-sized green beans are grown

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Bone broth in bowl

Where to Buy Bone Broth in the UK

Bones are filled with a soft, sponge-like substance called bone marrow. It’s here that new blood cells, and other important cells, are formed. Bone marrow is composed of many unique substances. When cooked, these develop a distinct flavour that’s best described as rich, meaty, creamy and butter-like. Bone marrow is consumed around the world. It

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Bar of dark chocolate

Most Ethical Chocolate Brands in the UK

If you’re craving a bite of British chocolate, take a look at our top picks below. They’ve been selected by us for their fantastic flavours, sustainable packaging and transparent, organic cocoa supply chains. Chocolate production around the world is rife with exploitation and unethical practices. That’s why it’s crucial to choose ethical and sustainable British

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