Where to Buy Buffalo Milk in the UK

Where to Buy Buffalo Milk in the UK

Buffalo milk is one of the most consumed types of milk around the world after cow’s milk, and has a high nutritional value. There are different types of buffalo, but the water buffalo is most common in dairy farming.

How Is Buffalo’s Milk Different from Cow’s Milk?

Cow and buffalo milk are different in their richness and composition. Although buffalo milk has lower cholesterol, it has more calories and fat compared to cow’s milk.

Buffalo milk is creamy and thicker, and it also contains more calcium. It has a high peroxidase activity which makes it last naturally for a longer period.

Due to its thick texture, buffalo milk is excellent for making dairy products like yoghurt and cottage cheese.

Here’s a comparison between 1 cup of buffalo and whole cow’s milk:

Buffalo milkCow Milk (whole)
Calories237 149
Carbs12 grams12 grams
Protein9 grams8 grams
Fat17 grams8 grams
Lactose13 grams11 grams
Calcium 32% of the Daily Value 21% of the Daily Value



What Are the Benefits of Buffalo Milk?

A2 and Digestion

Buffalos only produce A2 milk. They have only the A2A2 genotype for beta-casein. The structure of A2 protein is similar to human breast milk and is easier to digest. Read our article on A2 milk for more information on it and its benefits.

Bone Health

Buffalo milk has a high calcium content and is a source of casein-derived peptides so it may support bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.

It’s also high in copper, manganese, phosphorous and zinc which also help in strengthening bones.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Buffalo milk has a good level of potassium which acts as a vasodilator which widens the blood vessels and arteries and ensures easy blood flow.

Source of Protein

Buffalo milk is more protein-dense than cow’s milk. People looking to increase their muscle mass will find it perfect for them, it also helps in repairing muscular wear and tear in the body.


Like all dairy products, buffalo milk has antioxidants. While the antioxidant capacity of cow milk is 40–42%, the capacity of buffalo milk is 56–58%.

Antioxidants are great for your skin, they nourish and vitalize it.


Buffalo milk has vitamin A and vitamin C which are vital for the good functioning of the immune system and overall protection of your body.

Heart Health

This milk is lower in cholesterol compared to other milk which makes it better for your heart.


Where to Buy Buffalo Milk in the UK

Buffalos are not native to the UK. In fact, 96% of the buffalo population of the world is found in Asian countries. Hot and humid climates and muddy terrains are ideal for buffalos. 

Moreover, while a cow produces 15-20 litres of milk a day, a buffalo only produces 7-11 litres.

Buffalo milk is available in the UK, but for the reasons mentioned above, only a few farms rear buffalos in large quantities. We’ve listed some of the best places you can buy buffalo milk below.

1. Buffalicious

Raw Buffalo Milk by Buffalicious

Buffalicious is an ethical family farm based in Somerset. They have a herd of 250 buffalos which are free to range during the summer months.

They do their best to keep the herd healthy without nutritional supplements while maintaining traceability in their forage. The buffalos are grass-fed but sometimes their diet is supplemented with 10% whole crop.

Buffalicious is not certified as organic yet although they try to farm in a natural and environment-friendly way. They only sell raw milk. This means that the milk is not standardised, homogenised, or pasteurised.

The raw milk is available in packs of 6, 15 and 20 litres and can be bought directly from their farm. It has a 4-day use-by date but can be frozen for up to 3 months.

They deliver to the UK mainland only (excluding Scotland). Currently, they only take orders through email. You’ll find their email ID and order requirements on their website.

Buffalicious is usually in high demand, so you can expect a long wait for their milk when ordering online.


2. The Milk Stop

Fresh Buffalo Milk by The Milk Stop

The Milk Stop is a small family-run farm located in Stafford. They started selling buffalo milk in 2011 and now sell both cow and buffalo milk.

They only gently pasteurize the milk and believe in low food miles, reusable packaging and bare minimum processing.

Being a small farm, they only supply locally. They currently have three locations where they sell milk and milkshakes from vending machines.


3. Alham Wood Organics

Alham Wood farm has been operational for generations, but they only started rearing buffalos in 1997 to diversify this small farm. They became organic in 2000.

Although they specialize in cheeses, they also do sell buffalo milk. You can buy their products from their farm in Somerset. They also do sell in some of their markets in Lonon.


4. Mattwellyn

Mattwellyn farm is located in Lichfield in Staffordshire. They currently have 18 buffalos which are grass-fed and have a natural life.

The buffalos are raised naturally, they rear their own calves and are only milked once a day.

Mattwellyn currently sells only buffalo cheese, gelato and meat but is going to be launching its buffalo raw milk soon.


Farms Near You

Buffalo milk is still a niche market, there are limited farms in the UK that rear buffalo. Moreover, buffalos produce low milk compared to cows. Most farms with buffalos don’t always sell directly to the consumer, but rather use their milk for dairy products like cheese and yoghurt.

Although many farms may have a small amount of buffalo milk set aside to sell regularly, due to the low amounts they don’t have dedicated operations set up to sell milk to consumers commercially. We suggest you check out your local farms for buying buffalo milk directly from them.



Buffalo milk has many health benefits over cow’s milk and is definitely worth a try.

Buffalicious is one of the best farms to get your buffalo milk from because of its large operations and healthy grass-fed herd. Although they’re not certified organic, their operations are still similar to that of organic farms.

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