Can You Buy A2 Milk in the UK?

A2 Milk in The UK

Yes, you can buy A2 milk in the UK. Although limited farms and dairy companies supply A2 milk, buying it online is still easy.

Read on to find out what A2 milk is, what its benefits are, whether you should switch to A2 milk, and where to buy it in the UK.

What Is A2 Milk?

Beta-casein is a major protein constituent in milk that makes up about 30% of the protein in cow’s milk. Regular milk contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein.

A2 milk comes from cows having two copies of the A2 gene for beta casein. These days, A2 cows are specifically selected and bred for A2 milk supply.

Cattle which originate in the Channel Islands and southern France usually produce milk high in A2 beta-casein. These include Guernsey, Jersey, Charolais, and Limousin.

What’s the Difference between A1 and A2 milk?

The structure of A2 protein is similar to human breast milk, and to milk from goats, sheep, and buffalo. The difference between A1 and A2 is in the 67th amino acid in the chain.


Is A2 Milk Better for Digestion?

A1 and A2 milk affect the human body and digestion in different ways. A1 protein, when digested in the small intestine, produces the peptide beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7).

Symptoms of lactose intolerance include stomach discomfort, gas, bloating, diarrhoea, etc. However, these issues have also been linked to BCM-7.

In a study, individuals with milk intolerance were tested for 2 weeks drinking regular milk that contained A1 and A2 proteins, and drinking A2-only milk. Participants have worse stomach pain after consuming regular milk but no change after they drank the A2 milk.

They also has frequent and looser-consistency stools when they drank the regular milk which was not the case with A2 milk.

This means that A2 milk is easier to digest and less likely to cause symptoms of lactose intolerance.


Where to Buy A2 Milk in the UK

Since cows with the A2A2 gene are rare, there are only a few farms which supply A2 milk in the UK, we’ve listed some of the best ones below. Some of these farms supply raw and unpasteurized A2 milk. Read this article to know more about what is raw and unpasteurized milk and how is it beneficial.

1. Hill Farm Real Food

Raw OrganicA2 Milk by Hill Farm Real Food

The Hill Farm, located in Tarporley, is managed by the Aidley family. They are a part of Pasture for Life and aim to produce natural and healthy food by working with nature and following organic guidelines.

Their cows are a mix of Jersey, Friesian, and Ayrshire breeding whose diet consists of a range of grass types, herbs, legumes, and tree browse.

Hill Farm carefully selects cows that only produce A2 milk. Their cows’ milk contains 100% A2 protein and no A1 protein. Their milk is also raw and organic.

They deliver nationwide. Free local delivery is also available in parts of Cheshire. You can also pick up your order from the farm at a preferable time. They dispatch orders within 2 working days after receiving them.


2. Hurdlebrook

Udderly Fabulous raw A2 Guernsey milk

Dave and Rosie combined the Olive and Overton farm in Babcary to create Hurdleboork which has over 200 Guernsey cows today.

Guernseys are rare and their raw milk has a golden colour with a silky, thick texture. These cows naturally produce 95% A2 milk. The cows are milked twice a day.

Hurdlebrook only sells raw and unpasteurised milk. It can be bought directly from their farm or from markets and online stores. Check this page for a list of markets they supply in.

You can place your order through their website. However, they are not delivering to Scotland or Northern Ireland currently due to Food Standards Agency.

The minimum purchase for online delivery is 12 bottles of 2 pints milk


3. Old Hall Farm

A2 Raw Full Fat Jersey Milk

Old Hall Farm is a micro-dairy which used to have only suckler cows (for beef production) but completely changed its operations in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

They care about their cows and their wellbeing. The calves are not separated from the cows for at least 6 months and the cows aren’t bred until they’re 2 years old.

The Old Hall Farm sells raw A2 milk directly to the public. Their milk is 100% A2 tested from their A2 Jersey cows.


4. Taw River Dairy

Taw River Dairy A2 Milk

Located in rural Devon, Taw Dairy believes that farming should work with the environment and so they’ve adopted holistic grazing techniques and also have their own bees to help pollinate the meadows.

They have over 80 Jersey cows which are free-range and pasture fed. The cows are milked only once a day and also rear their own calves.

Almost all of their cows produce A2 protein in their milk and the milk you will buy will have 85% A2 protein.

The milk can be bought on their website or through one of their stockists (see here).


5. Abel & Cole

Guernsey Organic A2 Milk

This organic milk by Abel and Cole is produced by Guernsey cows in the Wiltshire valleys which graze on wildflower meadows. These cows are milked just twice a day.

Guernsey cows have a higher count of A2 protein in their milk, however, the Able and Cole website does not mention if their cows only produce A2 milk or how much percentage of A2 protein is found in their milk.

The milk has a golden texture and is unhomogenised and pasteurised.


Should You Switch to A2 Milk?

If you want to switch to A2 milk for better digestion, we suggest you try it out yourself to know if it works better for you. Also, take into consideration that research is still lacking about the benefits of A2 milk although many studies indicate that it is better than A1 in terms of digestion.

In case you have been diagnosed with a milk allergy, A2 milk is not likely to be a healthy alternative.



If you’re ready to try A2 milk, we suggest Hill Farm as they are a part of Pasture for Life, the milk is easy to buy online, and they have cows which produce 100% A2 protein. Moreover, their milk is organic and raw so it makes for a healthy choice.

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