Best PPD-Free Hair Dyes in the UK

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PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) is an organic compound that’s used in over 99% of all permanent hair dyes.

t’s also used in other products such as permanent makeup, some ink in newspapers and black clothing.

However, PPD is illegal to be used in all other cosmetic products, so things like black mascara and eyeliner are always PPD-free. PPD is a known irritant that could affect up to 1.5% of the population (source).

The effects of PPD, if you are one of the minority of people affected by it, can be as serious as death.

An example of this is Tabatha McCourt who collapsed and died in 2011 after using a home hair dye kit 20 minutes before. It is believed that an extreme allergic reaction to the hair dye was the cause of death.

Other symptoms can include a red skin rash, swollen limbs and difficulty breathing.

These symptoms can occur within minutes of using a product containing PPD and need to be taken extremely seriously.

We need to stress that PPD may not be the cause of these symptoms or the death mentioned above, but many things point to PPD as the cause.

To find out more about PPD and the risks of using it, see this article by Sali Hughes who was hospitalised after using hair dye herself.

We think we have said enough about PPD for most of you to agree that it may be best to avoid it where possible, so let’s move on and talk about the great hair dyes on the market that are completely PPD-free.

All of the hair dyes below are PPD-free and yet still offer you a lovely colour.

Best PPD-Free Hair Dyes in the UK

1. It’s Pure Organics Certified Organic Pure Henna Powder

This henna powder by It’s Pure Organics is certified organic by the Soil Association and doesn’t have any PPD or metallic salt added at all. It’s 100% natural and chemical free.

Henna has been used for dyeing pretty much anything for thousands of years. It’s one of the best natural dyes in the world.

Henna doesn’t just do a great job at dying your hair, it also doesn’t damage your hair. In fact, it actually increases your hair’s volume and shine.

So, if you want natural-looking, healthy dyed hair, this henna powder is perfect for you.


2. Surya Brasil Henna Cream

This henna hair dye may be more suitable for your needs if you’d like more choice when it comes to colour.

This henna cream is available in 15 colours including brunette, blonde, reds and black. It also promises to cover grey, which is nice.

This henna cream from Surya is not permanent and washes out in 7-10 washes without staining your hair.

Thanks to the natural ingredients in this hair dye, it also leaves your hair feeling and looking healthy, smooth and shiny.

This is the perfect hair dye for anyone who wants to experiment with hair dyes, as it washes out quickly. But it’s also great for those looking to avoid PPD.

This henna cream doesn’t contain anything nasty and potentially life-threatening and works great on most hair colours.


3. Daniel Field Advanced Formula Water Colour

These long-lasting natural hair dyes are wonderful.  One of the great things about Daniel Fields is that the brand is very honest about what their dyes can do, and don’t make any wild claims about them.

Daniel Field state that these dyes are not designed to lighten your hair, they are simply designed to darken light hair and cover grey hair.

This means that these hair dyes do not contain harsh chemicals, in fact, they actually contain loads of healthy stuff that benefit your hair.

Using one of these 37 colours on your hair will leave it feeling silky smooth and natural. And yes, you read that right, 37!

Daniel Field’s has a natural-looking colour for everyone so you can rest assured that you can have naturally beautiful hair in any colour you wish.

These hair dyes are also very easy to use at home and come in at a very reasonable price for a natural, healthy home hair colouring option.


4. It’s Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colour

It’s Pure Organics are back on our list with their herbal hair colour.

This is the first herbal hair colour to be certified organic by Soil Association.  It contains 100% natural and organic ingredients and is, of course, PPD free.

This is, once again, a henna-based powder and will give your hair a beautiful natural shine.

The herbal hair colour we have here is a very dark brown, but it is available in a variety of colours.

These colours are designed to darken light hair rather than lighten darker colours. Each is excellent for use on grey hair too.

If you’re looking for an organic hair dye that is free from all of the harsh chemicals and compounds used in other hair dyes, you can’t go far wrong with one of these herbal hair colours from It’s Pure.


5. Sante Natural Hair Colour Powder

This natural hair colour powder from Sante comes in nine colours ranging from blondes and reds to browns and blacks.

All of the colours will leave your hair feeling natural and healthy thanks to all the natural ingredients.

What we like about these hair colours are that they look so natural. Sante has worked hard to ensure that their hair colours work extremely well with natural hair colours.

The way they do this is by coating your hair with a protective-like layer which combines with your natural hair colour.

So, you may not be able to use this hair colour to change your hair colour completely, but you can use it to enhance your natural colour and make it look beautifully healthy and natural.



We hope you found your new PPD-free hair dye on the list above.

If we had to pick just one to recommend it would be It’s Pure Organics Certified Organic Pure Henna Powder since its gentle, natural and most people find it very effective.

If you think that you could be affected by PPD, speak with your doctor. They’ll be able to offer you advice as to which products to avoid and actions to take if you do come in contact with PPD.

PPD allergies should be taken seriously, they are no joke and can cause a lot of harm.

To find out more about natural products and less harmful products, please explore our website further.

For some more hair dyes to consider, see this article: Best Chemical-Free Hair Dyes for Grey Hair.

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