Best Natural & Organic Dog Food in the UK


Before we start discussing the best dog foods in the UK, we want to say that none of the dog food below is 100% organic. However, the dog food reviewed below contains less artificial ingredients and fillers than most dog foods.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many dog foods that are completely natural and organic. However, the dog food below is the best we can find for those of us that want our dogs to eat healthily.

Of course, just like us, dogs need a healthy diet in order to thrive and avoid illness. They also need plenty of exercise. The dog foods below are very good for your dog, but they shouldn’t take the place of exercise.

I am really pleased to be writing this article for you lovely dog owners today because my dog Polar has been suffering from a poorly stomach recently. This article allowed me to delve deep into healthy dog food and find out which one is best for him.

Now, Polar is a lab so while he has a favourite dog food that works well for him, it may not be the case with your best friend. So, I would advise that you try at least a couple to find out which dog food suits your dog the best.

So, what are the best natural dog foods to feed your dog and base your dog’s balanced diet around? Well, let’s take a look at the dog food that Polar loves and hopefully your dog will too.

Best Natural & Organic Dog Food in the UK

1. Lily’s Kitchen Adult Grain Free Wet Dog Food Multipack

Lily’s Kitchen dog food comes in a pack of 12 with a selection of four of their amazing dog meals. These meals include beef, potato and veg dinner, Sunday lunch, wild campfire stew and fish pie. Each meal is made from natural ingredients, and all of them are grain-free.

One of the nicest things about Lily’s Kitchen is that they ensure your dog can enjoy a varied diet thanks to the tasty meals they include in this pack. Of course, most dog food packs include different flavours for your dog, but Lily’s Kitchen has made sure that each meal consists of different tastes and nutrient-rich food so that your dog will never be bored by their food and so that they get all the minerals and vitamins that a healthy dog needs.


2. Natures Menu Multi Pack Dog Food

Natures Menu is vet-approved dog food that is suitable for adult dogs and puppies. Once again, you get a great mixed bag with Natures Menu’s selection pack. From chicken, veg and rice to beef, tripe, veg and rice. The menu that this dog food offers your best friend is a varied as it gets.

However, the reason I liked this dog food for Polar was that the meat they use is human grade. Now, before using Natures Menu I didn’t know that there was even a thing called “human grade” meat, but it’s nice to know that your dog can enjoy the same meat that you can in handy sachets that mean the food is always fresh.


3. Forthglade 100% Natural Grain Free Complementary Dog Food

Forthglade dog food is 100% natural and grain-free, which is grand. Their selection isn’t the most varied on this list, but that’s actually a nice thing. With their selection packs, you get 4 packs of just lamb, just beef and just chicken. All of these contain 90% of the meat that is steamed slowly to retain as much as the nutrients as possible and then 10% of minerals that your dog needs to be healthy.

You do need to add a good quality mixer (some good quality biscuits are perfect for this) to guarantee that your dog is getting everything they need, but Forthglade has really made feeding times simple with their good quality selection packs. You know what you’re feeding your dog and it’s very easy to mix it up so that your dog is getting the most balanced diet possible.


4. Lily’s Kitchen Organic Chicken and Vegetable Bake

Lily’s Kitchen is back on this list with some excellent dry dog food that is the perfect accompaniment to all of the wet dog food on this list, but perhaps especially the Lily’s Kitchen wet food.

Just like Lily’s Kitchen’s wet food, this dry food is as natural as it can be. It has no fillers, preservatives or derivatives of any kind and each bag is made with 26% organic chicken. One of the nice things about the Lily’s Kitchen range is that most of them are available in puppy, adult and senior. This means that if your dog likes the flavour, they can enjoy it as part of their balanced diet for the whole of their life.


5. Naturediet Chicken with Vegetables and Rice

Naturediet has developed a range of truly great dog foods. As well as this flavour, they also offer chicken and lamb, fish and brown rice, turkey and chicken and loads more so make sure you explore their great range.

The chicken, veg and rice dog food contains 60% chicken, 10% rice, 6% veg and the rest is natural ground bone and seaweed all of which provides a great balanced meal for your dog. One of my favourite things about this dog food is that all of the ingredients are listed. So, you can see exactly what you’re feeding your dog, something that is sadly quite rare when it comes to dog food.


What Constitutes a Healthy Diet for Dogs?

To help you decide which dog food to choose, I would like to briefly discuss what constitutes a healthy diet for dogs.

Now, I’m not an expert about dietary needs for dogs. I’ve owned dogs my whole life, but I believe that every dog is different and the dog food that one loves, another may not get on with at all. This is true for my dog Polar and his sister. They are from the same litter, had the same experiences in that litter, and yet their diets are very different.

So, please treat this information about healthy diets for dogs as a guideline only. You really need to find the best diet for your dog by observing their behaviour because that is the best way to see if they are happy, healthy and awesome!

A balanced diet

For the most part, a healthy diet for your dog is simply making sure that they have a balanced diet. Dogs, like us, need to have food that includes protein, vitamins and minerals.

It is a good rule of thumb that you shouldn’t feed your dog the same thing all the time. It needs to be mixed up to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients they need. For example, chicken should only make up, at the most, half of your dog’s diet.

Although chicken is great for your dog, they need other things too. They need vegetables and red meats too. This is, of course, the very definition of a balanced diet, but keeping an eye on what you are feeding your dog (even if you are feeding them canned food, try to mix up the meats every day) it will really help their health and allow them to gain the most amount of nutrients from the food they are eating.

All of the things your dog needs in their diet can be found in normal dog food. It is just the other crap they throw in with the food that is the problem. Thankfully, the foods above do not have this “crap” (or as much of it) included.

However, some people prefer to create meals for their dog rather than relying on dog food to provide their nutrients. This is a great way to ensure that your dog has a balanced diet. It is, however, a lot of work and you still need to be careful.

Raw meat might seem like the most natural diet for dogs, but a raw meat diet is risky as raw meat can contain all kinds of bacteria that can be extremely harmful to your dog.

Dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago, so they have evolved to eat quite similar food to humans.

Although dogs are descended from wolves, their ideal diet is quite different due to domestication.

This study, which tested both raw and non-raw pet food for Salmonella and L. monocytogenes found that 15 out of 196 raw pet food samples were positive for Salmonella and 32 out of 196 were positive for L. monocytogenes.

As well as posing a threat to your dog, this could be a health hazard for you and other people in your home. If you touch your mouth after handling raw food or let your dog lick you after he has eaten raw meat, this could pass on harmful bacteria.

Preparing meals for your dog is a lot of work, and so I prefer to find good quality dog food for Polar. Of course, cooking a piece of chicken for him every so often is no big deal, every dog deserves a treat!

Speaking of treats and from experience, treats should only make up about 10% of your dog’s diet. Polar is four and a half months old now, and he’s been suffering from a poorly stomach pretty much since my partner and I bought him home.

Changing his diet to include more natural dog foods did help, but not completely. I then began to think about the only constant food he was having for the few months we had him, his treats. Every time he did his business outside, we gave him a treat.

This added up to a lot of treats and way more than 10% of his diet. We have since cut his treats into eighths and only give him them when he’s been an extremely good boy, and this has solved his stomach problems almost overnight.

Of course, too many treats aren’t great for your dog’s health anyway, but trust me when I say this, too many treats are not good for your dog’s bum either! Try and limit the amount of treats you give your dog. I know that they are sweet, but their bum and their health will thank you for it in the long run.

Some people also give their dogs their leftovers as treats. Now, this is totally fine if you are giving him leftovers that you would eat yourself, but fatty scraps should be avoided. Too much fat makes your dog fat. Any veg or meat you don’t fancy though, they will love and their health will too.

With any diet for a dog, you also need to make sure that they are getting all the nutrients they need. This includes vitamins and minerals that aren’t in meat and veg. Some dog owners use supplements to ensure that their dog has everything they need in their diet, but with the right food, you may not need to give your dog any supplements, unless a vet has recommended that they have a certain supplement along with their meals.

So, the best diet for your dog is a balanced one with a combination of different meats, veg, vitamins and minerals. This balance also needs to be considered with treats and leftovers. Switch up the treats you give your dog from time to time and try to avoid feeding your dog any leftovers that you wouldn’t eat.

Honestly, creating a balanced and healthy diet for your dog is not difficult, if anything, with a little planning it is actually easy. I think also knowing that Polar now has a diet that is doing him good and providing everything he needs is awesome. It means that he will be healthy and I get to go on walks with my best friend for many years to come.

For some more tips, RSPCA Pet Insurance have some useful guidelines about what to feed dogs here.



If we had to pick just one of these dog foods to recommend it would be Lily’s Kitchen Adult Grain Free Wet Dog Food as it’s one of the most natural products on the market and tends to be very popular with dogs! It’s made with organic vegetables and is free from filler ingredients such as grains.

For some more natural dog products, see our roundup of the best natural dog chews.

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