Laurence Smith

Laurence is the founder and editor of Naturaler. He’s been working in the online world for over 5 years and is trying to live a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle every day.

Matcha tea

Best Matcha Tea in the UK

Matcha tea is one of the latest health trends taking the western world by storm. This powdered Japanese tea is rich in antioxidants and can be drunk as tea or used in lattes, milkshakes and smoothies. What Is Matcha Tea? Matcha tea is made from green tea leaves that have been ground into a powder. …

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Best Raw Honey in the UK

Raw honey is simply honey that hasn’t been pasteurised, heated significantly above 35°C, or processed. It’s just pure honey the way nature intended it to be. Pasteurisation helps improve its shelf life, but also kills the beneficial yeast and enzymes found in raw honey. The temperature of a beehive is about 35°C, and many ‘raw’ …

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Plastic free products

73 Ways to Use Less Plastic

If you’re looking for practical and easy ways to reduce your plastic use, you’re in the right place! In this guide we’ve listed 73 ways to use less plastic at home, work, the supermarket, cafes and restaurants, and while travelling. Plastics are cheap and convenient materials in the short term, but they are having a …

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