Laurence Smith

Laurence is the founder and editor of Naturaler. He’s been working in the online world for over 5 years and is trying to live a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle every day.

Sports bottle

Is Polypropylene Biodegradable?

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer (a type of plastic) that has a wide variety of applications. It’s a very durable plastic that is resistant to fatigue, which is why it’s used for things such as flip-top bottles, piping systems and kettles. It’s also used in sanitary products, woven bags and to seal tea bags …

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Plastic waste on beach

Plastic in the Ocean Facts

71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. We can’t live without the ocean: it produces more oxygen than the Amazon Rainforest and stores 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. The ocean is thought to be home to over 700,000 different species, up to two thirds of which have yet to be …

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Palm trees

Does Palm Oil Come from Palm Trees?

When we hear the words ‘palm oil’, most of us would assume that this refers to the oil extracted from a palm tree. However, things aren’t quite that simple. Palm oil does come from palm trees, but only from particular species, namely Elaeis guineensis, Elaeis oleifera and Attalea maripa. Some people assume that ‘palm trees’ …

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Sea turtle

How Does Plastic End Up in the Ocean?

The BBC’s Blue Planet II documentary series, which first broadcast in 2017, did a great deal to highlight the devastating effect plastic waste is having on the oceans and marine wildlife. The series showed shocking images of plastic-filled seas, which are becoming increasingly toxic and dangerous environments for whales, fish and other wildlife. It’s clear …

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