Where to Buy Zero-Waste Moisturiser in the UK


Finding an eco-friendly, zero-waste moisturiser in the UK can often feel like an impossible task.

Sometimes it seems like every single cosmetic product on the market comes packaged in a ridiculous amount of plastic.

Whether it’s the plastic container, the plastic label, the plastic wrap or the plastic bag that it comes in…

It’s enough to make any zero-waster in the UK pull their hair out in frustration!

However, getting your hands on a plastic-free moisturiser is worth spending a bit of time on, because all that plastic packaging isn’t biodegradable.

It ends up piling up in landfill sites. Floating in the ocean. Killing our wildlife. Littering our landscape. And contributing to the global climate change crisis.

We need to find zero-waste alternatives.

But fear not!

We’ve searched high and low to uncover the very best plastic-free moisturisers available in the UK so you can uphold your eco-friendly principles and keep taking care of your skin.

Here are the best places you can buy zero-waste moisturiser in the UK.

Wearth London

Wearth is an amazing online marketplace which offers ethical and eco-friendly products created by an array of independent UK brands.

This includes everything from zero waste moisturisers, skincare and toothbrushes, right the way through to zero-waste gift wrap, jewellery, homeware and gifts.

Their plastic-free moisturisers include:

White Witch Organic Anti-Oxidant Skin Conditioner


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This gorgeous moisturiser comes in a reusable glass jar with a cork lid. It’s completely organic, handmade, and made from the finest natural ingredients.

Containing a nourishing blend of starflower oil. wild orange essential oil and sandalwood essential oil, it will also help reduce blemishes, soften and smooth the skin and help reduce dark spots.

Did we mention that it’s also vegan-friendly?

Find it here.


Magical Tree Handmade Organic Body Butter

If you’re looking for a rich, indulgent body butter that perfectly suits your skincare needs, you can’t go wrong with the handmade organic body butters created by Magical Tree.

They’re blended using organic shea butter and cocoa butter to create a vegan-friendly, organic, plastic-free moisturiser that you body will love.

They also offer a stunning range of blends including Velvet Touch (rich and soothing), Flower Power (beautifully floral), Choko Kiss (for the Minty Aero lovers out there), and Sweet Delight (citrussy and uplifting), so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Find it here.


White Witch Organic Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Just because you’re plastic-conscious, that doesn’t mean you need to tolerate those fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. There’s a zero-waste option for you too!

This gentle moisturiser is light, simple and contains everything you need to nourish your skin, prevent cell degeneration and delay the signs of ageing. It’s also hand-crafted and vegan-friendly too.

Find it here.


Beauty Kubes

Beauty Kubes was created when an award-winning natural cosmetics company, Eve of St. Agnes, vowed to make a difference to the global problem with plastic pollution by starting at the root- the products we use everyday in our homes. Their moisturisers are vegan-friendly, zero-waste and come packaged in pretty eco-friendly aluminium jars.

We’ve fallen in love with these two:

Eve of St. Agnes Hydrating Facial Silk


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This eco-friendly, natural facial moisturiser is luxurious, creamy and great for normal to dry skin types.

With a nourishing base of jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa butter, added hyaluronic acid for anti-ageing benefits and the fragrance of frangipani, blood orange and champaca flowers, you’ll feel utterly spoilt with this one. (It was a Gold Winner at the 2017 Green Parent Awards too!)

Find it here.


Eve of St. Agnes Hydrating Body Cream

This light yet hydrating body cream is non-sticky, absorbs wonderfully and is great for normal and dry skins.

Containing cocoa butter, meadowfoam seed oil and a blend of rose, frangipani, sweet orange, bergamot and rose geranium oils, your body will get a treat with this zero-waste moisturiser.

Of course, it’s also cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and it was even Silver Award Winner at the Free-From Skincare Awards.

Find it here.


Living Naturally

Living Naturally – The Soapnut Apothecary is a family-run business in the UK who create vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free products which have won numerous awards for their range of biodynamic skincare, haircare and laundry soap products.

Their products are especially wonderful if you suffer from sensitive skin, you’re a fan of Ayurveda and you just want to make sure you’re making the kindest skincare choice.

Here are our top picks.

Botanic Man Balm Moisturiser

Calling the zero-waste men out there! This award-winning All-in-One Balm is an incredible vegan-friendly, organic, natural skincare option that doesn’t compromise the earth for the sake of taking care of your body.

Containing famous soapnuts, plus other nourishing oils like cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil and hemp, it’s nourishing, non-greasy and great for those who don’t like a ton of bottles in their bathroom.

They even offer two varieties: Bay and Lavender or Sandalwood and Orange, both of which are soothing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Find it here.


Chamomile & Rose Beauty Balm Moisturiser

You know a natural, plastic-free moisturiser will be good when it comes filled with a myriad of healing oils and smells delicious! This natural 90% organic herbal skin care product is great for irritated skin, ageing skin, sunburn, acne, sores, or just skin that just needs a hefty dose of TLC.

Find it here.



You might be surprised to hear that Etsy, the website better known for its crafts is also a gem when it comes to finding plastic-free moisturising products.

We love these two:

Sol De Luna Crafts Turmeric Body Balm

If your skin is crying out for SOS, give this plastic-free moisturiser a try. It’s unscented, vegan, natural and works miracles on acne, scars, stretchmarks and inflammation.

Created using a range of natural healing oils including raw shea butter, babassu oil, turmeric oil, mango butter, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, you’ll relieve itching, soothe dryness, heal scars and even give your acne the boot without going anywhere near a nasty plastic tub.

Find it here.


Soul Embrace Organic Body Lotion

Sometimes you want more than just a plastic-free, organic moisturiser. Sometimes you want a product which nourishes your skin and also helps protect your aura, boost positive energy and provide spiritual protection. If so, you might like the Organic Body Lotion created by Soul Embrace.

Containing carefully blended essential oils such as geranium, lavender, sandalwood and cedarwood oils, you’ll feel uplifted, nourished and ready to face the world!

Find it here.


Can You Get Zero-Waste Moisturiser with SPF?

Moisturisers with SPF protect your skin against damage from the sun’s rays.

Lots of people choose moisturisers with SPF because they can help prevent the development of wrinkles and other signs of aging from skin exposure.

However, there are very few, if any zero-waste moisturisers on the market with SPF.

The vast majority of moisturisers come in plastic packaging, and there’s only a very limited choice of moisturisers that come in zero-waste glass jars.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any zero-waste moisturisers with SPF while researching this article.

If you know of one, please leave a comment below!

You can buy some sunscreens in zero-waste packaging (see a few options here). You could experiment with mixing a sunscreen with moisturiser, though this will dilute the effectiveness of the sunscreen and might not have a good consistency.



See? Finding a gorgeous plastic-free moisturiser in the UK is much easier than you think.

The only problem now is, which one will you choose?…

For more advice on living a zero-waste life, see our complete guide to using less plastic.


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