Best Methylisothiazolinone-Free Products in the UK


Methylisothiazolinone-free products offer you a chance to get one step closer to a healthy and natural beauty, washing and cleaning regime.

Going natural with your skin and hair products can offer you naturally healthy hair and skin and even prolong your life!

We will go into why you should try to avoid methylisothiazolinone (MI) below, but first, here are the best methylisothiazolinone-free products in the UK.


Green People Daily Aloe Shampoo

Green People Daily Aloe Shampoo

Daily Aloe Shampoo from Green People is one of the best daily-use shampoos on earth and not just because it is natural. It leaves your entire family’s hair feeling beautiful, is gentle for the whole family and lasts ages!

On average, a 200 ml bottle of this stuff lasts about 3 months! A little of this stuff each day will keep your hair looking great naturally.

Green People don’t add any nasty chemicals into their products.

As you are about to see, they feature a lot on this list for that very reason! They’re hands down one of the best natural companies in the UK.

They make excellent natural products including this shampoo. If you like shampoo that goes a long way and that makes your hair feel and look naturally healthy, this is the product for you.



Green People Volumising Mascara

Green People Volumising Mascara Brown-Black

Green People’s mascara utilises natural mineral pigments to offer a wonderful looking mascara that is 98% natural.

Not only does this mascara provide you with a great look, but it also nourishes your lashes and leaves them conditioned ready for the days you don’t fancy wearing makeup.

When Green People developed this mascara, they could have taken the easy road and provided it with the same old brush most mascaras have.

However, Green People do not like taking the easy road, and so they decided to offer a brush that provides precise control for excellent lash definition.

This mascara is far more than just a 98% natural alternative to other mascaras, it is truly one of the most remarkable mascaras on the market today.


Sun cream

Green People Scent-Free Facial Sun Cream

Green People Facial Sun Cream Scent Free SPF30

Another product from Green People, only this time it is a sun cream.

This natural sun cream has an SPF of 30 and is perfect for sensitive skin. It protects your skin against any harmful UVA and UVB rays, like most sun creams, but it does much more than that too.

This sun cream contains antioxidant-rich plants and plants that promote anti-ageing. So, you are protected from just about anything the sun can throw at you.

You can even wear this sun cream under makeup if you like so you can look great and stay safe at the same time.

If you have sensitive skin, want to naturally protect your family from the sun or just fancy being able to wear your makeup over your sun cream, grab a bottle of this stuff, it is exceptional!


Shower Gel

Green People Neutral Scent Free Shower Gel

Green People Neutral Scent Free Shower Gel

This scent free shower gel from Green People provides a gentle and soothing clean for even the most sensitive skin.

If you struggle to find a shower gel that doesn’t make your skin dry and nasty after a shower, try this. The aloe vera, yucca and marshmallow will leave your skin feeling wonderful!

We do admit that marshmallow in a shower gel is a slightly odd concept, but it works! It has natural bubbles, it is kind to sensitive skin, and you only need a little to achieve a lot!

Plus, as this is scent free, it won’t interfere with your perfume or aftershave so you’ll smell great for your next date!


Washing powder

Fysio Natural Washing Powder

This natural washing powder is made from 100% olive oil soap flakes.

It’s enriched with lavender, chamomile, calendula and chlorophyll which is what gives it its wonderful smell.

Fysio natural washing powder is great for hand washing clothes, but it also works great in the machine. Your clothes come out very clean and smelling nice.

Because this washing powder is completely natural, it is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and anyone with skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

If you’re struggling to find a washing powder fit for your family’s needs, give this a go.

It smells great, gives a brilliant clean and is safe for the whole family including babies!


Dish soap

Bio D Washing-Up Liquid

This washing up liquid from Bio D is great for washing your dishes, it provides a real shine to all glassware and cleans tough, burnt on food very well. However, this washing up liquid does a lot more than that too.

It’s also excellent for the environment. Where they can, Bio D source all of their ingredients from renewable sources.

This washing up liquid is also amazing value for money. You can buy 5 litres of Bio D washing up liquid for very little money and you don’t need much to clean your dishes with.

Five litres of this stuff is likely to last you 6 months to a year, depending on how much washing up you do!

This is an excellent washing up liquid for anyone wanting natural products from renewable sources that work brilliantly.


What Is Methylisothiazolinone?

So, now you know some of the amazing products available that are methylisothiazolinone-free, let’s find out why methylisothiazolinone is so bad for you and why you should make the switch to these more natural products as quickly as possible!

Methylisothiazolinone, often shortended to MI, is a synthetic preservative used in a lot of skin, hair and cleaning products. Its use in these products only really kicked off in the 20th century, and now it is very hard to avoid methylisothiazolinone.

Methylisothiazolinone is a cytotoxin that may affect different cells in our bodies.

It may change the cells and these mutations may cause things like cancer. However, the “may” is the most important part of that sentence.

The problem is, no one knows exactly what methylisothiazolinone can do because the research hasn’t been done.

All that can be said for sure is that many people across the world have allergic reactions to methylisothiazolinone.

In fact, one study in 2013 found that the rise of contact allergic reactions to methylisothiazolinone was “unprecedented” (source).

So far, there simply hasn’t been enough research and studies into the effects of methylisothiazolinone to know for sure what the effects of it are.

However, many people believe that this product can seriously affect your health which is why companies have started to create the products above.


Which Products Contain Methylisothiazolinone?

Methylisothiazolinone can be found in quite a few household products, from shampoos to liquid laundry products.

This preservative lends itself to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and domestic industries, with rather widespread use in the following products which many of us use on the daily:

  • Bronzer/fake tan
  • Makeup – Foundation/concealer, mascara, eyeshadow
  • Wipes – makeup remover wipes, baby wipes
  • Makeup remover
  • Sunscreen
  • Bubble bath/shower gel/soap
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Creams/lotions
  • Laundry products – detergents, fabric softener
  • Polish
  • Paints/adhesives


Other Names for Methylisothiazolinone

When this preservative is mentioned in ingredients, it may not appear in the same way every time. There are a few variations to look out for when picking your products:

  • Methylisothiazolinone (MI or MIT)
  • Methylchlorisothiazolinone (MCI or MCIT)
  • Benzisothiazolinone (BIT)
  • Chloromethylisothiazolinone (CMIT)
  • Octylisothiazolinone (OIT, OI)

MI/MIT and MCI/MCIT (and their full names) will be the most common formats you will find on cosmetic products in the UK and sometimes on household cleaning products too.

The bottom 3 variations will be more likely to appear specifically on household cleaning products.


Methylisothiazolinone Allergy Symptoms

As with many preservatives, methylisothiazolinone can trigger allergic reactions in some people and it is more common than you might think.

Symptoms of a MIT allergy can include the following:

  • Dermatitis – contact, hand, perianal, perivulval, napkin, facial, scalp
  • Swelling – predominantly of the eyelids

If you do think you may have an allergy for MIT, then it is always best to consult a dermatologist or at least your GP before taking any action.

If you have sensitive skin, patch testing a product for a prolonged amount of time is recommended before using it liberally, but dermatologists should be able to assist with a controlled test for an allergy to MIT.

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