Clare Whitehead

Clare began her career as a technical writer, but since having her boys has worked mostly from home writing content for various websites, including health and beauty and educational resource sites.

Plastic straws

Can Plastic Straws Be Recycled?

If you’ve been out to a café, restaurant or bar lately, there’s a good chance you’ll have been given a plastic straw with your drink. Plastic straws first became popular in the UK in the 1960s after they took over from paper straws, and it’s estimated that “Britain uses around 8.5 billion of them a …

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Polystyrene boxes

Is Polystyrene Recyclable?

Polystyrene is found everywhere in our homes and work places. Takeaway food containers and coffee cups are often made from polystyrene, and every time we buy electronic goods or fragile items in a shop or online, it’s likely they’ll be protected by polystyrene packaging. It’s cheap to produce and versatile enough to be used in …

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Toothbrush toothpaste

Best Palm Oil Free Toothpaste in the UK

At the end of 2018, UK supermarket Iceland helped to increase awareness about the environmental problems caused by the palm oil industry with a hard-hitting Christmas advert (originally created by Greenpeace). The short cartoon told the story of rainforest destruction caused by palm oil production, and its catastrophic effect on the critically endangered orangutan. Palm …

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