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Cattle grazing on farm

Does UK Meat Contain Hormones?

Growth hormones are used in cattle in many parts of the world. Using hormones in meat production can make an animal more valuable by increasing the amount of lean muscle and reducing the amount of fats. Hormone-treated animals also require less food to maintain the same muscle mass due to hormonal treatment, so they are …

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BHT and BHA free

What Foods Contain BHA and BHT?

Food additives serve an essential role in the food industry. They can help to preserve food or improve its flavour, colour, or texture. However, some food additives are potentially hazardous, and you might consider eliminating them from your diet. Two such potentially dangerous additives are butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrizyttiluene (BHT). Both of these …

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Red sweets

Is E129 Banned in the UK?

E129 is an artificial colour best known as allura red. It is used as a food dye and is popular worldwide, especially for its use in sweets and soft drinks. As with many artificial food additives, you might be wondering if E129 is banned in the UK. Here we look closely at the legalities of …

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Loaf of white bread

Is White Bread Bleached in the UK?

Many of us consider brown bread a healthier alternative to white bread. Wholemeal bread contains four times the amount of fibre, twice as much iron, and many essential B-group vitamins as its white bread counterpart. But rumour has it that white bread is a poorer choice not solely due to these nutritional differences, but also …

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Seaweed used for carrageenan production

Is Carrageenan (E407) Banned in the UK?

Carrageenan is a thickening agent, gelling agent, and stabiliser used in some food products. It is a natural food substance harvested from red and purple seaweed. However, this natural product is often confused with degraded carrageenan, which carries substantial health risks. Many people are left confused about the safety and legalities of this additive. So, …

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