Guide to Reusable Cotton Pads (UK)

Cotton pad

You can find reusable cotton pads for sale at many online retailers, and they can also be made at home easily.

Reusable cotton pads (aka reusable cotton rounds) are awesome because they are far better for your skin and the environment when compared to disposable cotton balls or pads.

Even organic cotton balls and pads typically come in a plastic bag, so they will ultimately harm the environment down the road.

Cotton is considered one of the dirtiest crops in the world. This is due to the excessive use of insecticides during the growing process.

Insecticides are the most hazardous type of pesticide to animal and human health. And so, unless you are very careful with which cotton pads or balls you use daily, you may come in contact with insecticides far more than you ever knew.

The sad fact is that organic cotton pads are expensive and, as throwaway items, many of us may not bother with this added expensive.

This is another reason why reusable cotton pads are awesome—they aren’t too expensive, they can be reused, of course, and they are far better for your skin and health thanks to the minimal amount of insecticides in them.

Once you have used a reusable cotton pad, all you have to do is throw it into a mesh bag (it’s best to keep one in your bathroom) once the bag is full, throw it in the washing machine, and you have a bunch of cotton pads ready to go again!

These are just some of the reasons why reusable cotton rounds are awesome, but another great reason is that you can make them at home!

If you don’t have time though, here are the best places to buy reusable cotton pads in the UK.

Where to Buy Reusable Cotton Pads in the UK


Etsy is a magical place filled with magical things, like reusable cotton pads! If you’ve never taken a look around Etsy, then you are really missing out.

It’s the perfect place to buy craft supplies (you may even be able to buy the fabric to make your own reusable cotton pads) and loads of other things from small, often one-person, businesses.

There are loads of sellers on Etsy selling reusable cotton pads.

Many of these sellers use cotton with awesome patterns on so you can spice up your daily routine with a cotton pad that has flowers, sweets, bags and dogs on it if you like!

Go check Etsy out and get lost in a world of amazing reusable cotton pads and a hell of a lot more!



It can’t come as much of a surprise that Amazon sells reusable cotton rounds. Amazon sells everything.

One of the best things about buying from Amazon is that if you have Amazon Prime, you can start using your reusable cotton pads tomorrow if you buy them right now.

These reusable cotton pads available on Amazon are made from plain bamboo cotton and come with a laundry bag that you can keep them in and wash them in.

They are the perfect way to start your reusable cotton pad journey, and these pads will last you for years, they can be used up to 1,000 times! They work great and feel gentle on your skin.

Cheeky Wipes is first and foremost known for making reusable, washable baby wipes, but they also make reusable cotton pads perfect for removing your makeup.

They have loads of cotton pads to choose from in many different pack sizes and colours. All of Cheeky Wipes reusable cotton pads are made from the best cotton for the job, and they even have exfoliating pads for those of us with stubborn skin!

Cheeky Wipes have very much carved out a great spot in the reusable pads and wipe market.

Many of us who use reusable wipes and pads think of Cheeky Wipes as the only place to go for them. You’ll likely think the same too if you buy theirs.

Their cotton pads are excellent and replace normal cotton pads perfectly.

These reusable cosmetic pads from Organic Ally look and perform brilliantly. They really look the part and put us in mind of something you’d find in a Victorian pharmacy, probably because you would find reusable cotton pads in a Victorian pharmacy.

You get 10 reusable cosmetic pads in this pack. They measure 3 x 3 inches, so they are plenty big enough to tackle even the biggest makeup removal job.

These cotton cosmetic pads are made from two layers of natural organic flannel that is sourced from a Soil Association certified supplier.

They are also made in the UK. So, not only are you buying a product that is good for your skin, the environment and the world in general, but you are also supporting a local community and economy, all by buying some amazing cotton pads, that will last ages.

We love these cotton pads that Wearth London sell. They are so over the top and unnecessarily fancy that you can’t not love them.

These cotton pads, made by Soap Daze, look more like doilies than makeup removers. They are hand-crocheted in Devon from 100% cotton.

As they are crocheted, they actually absorb water a little better than other reusable cotton pads, as there is more surface area. So, these cotton pads are great to use for a deep clean.

The others on this list are perfect for everyday use, but for the big jobs (like removing Halloween makeup, for example) these are the best!

Wearth London supply loads of amazing natural, organic, handmade products in their shop.

They go to great lengths to ensure everything they stock is good for the environment and us.


Make Your Own Reusable Cotton Pads

Making reusable cotton pads at home is very easy, you just need to find the right cotton first. Take care to only use organic cotton to make your cotton pads. Organic cotton contains less harmful stuff.

You can have a look in charity shops and the like for t-shirts made from organic cotton or use an old one if you have one handy.

All you have to do is cut the material into the shape you like. Most people go for a circle, but go nuts and make them into any shape you like! Then, stitch two of these patterns together around the edge of the pad.

That’s it, you’re done. You’ve made a reusable cotton pad, helped the environment by recycling and helped your skin and health.

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