Where to Buy Miswak Sticks in the UK

Where to Buy Miswak Sticks in the UK

Miswak sticks are becoming a hot trend in the UK. However, you may not know what a miswak stick is or where to buy one from.

Well, today we’re looking at miswak sticks and the best places to buy them in the UK.

By the end of this article, you are going to be an expert in miswak sticks and all their oral goodness!

What Are Miswak Sticks?

Miswak sticks are herbal chewing sticks; they are basically healthy chewing gum in the form of a stick that has been used for thousands of years! They have been used in the same way since cavemen were around.

A number of studies have shown that Miswak sticks are brilliant for oral hygiene.

In fact, some of these studies have even proven that miswak sticks are as good, if not better, than toothpaste! Well, that’s hardly surprising considering how long they’ve been around.

So, miswak sticks are used for oral hygiene.

They are about pencil sized and come from the Arak tree. However, Miswak sticks can also be made from the roots of lime, orange and neem trees.

As you chew a miswak stick, it serves a dual purpose.

Firstly, the friction from chewing helps to clean plaque from your teeth.

There is an abrasive material in miswak sticks called silica. This is naturally found in miswak sticks and removes stains and plague from your teeth.

You then have tannic acid, which helps prevent gingivitis and stop plaque forming on your teeth.

Those are the two functions of miswak sticks.

The abrasiveness helps clean the teeth and the acids help with long-term protection.

But you also get another little gem too. The resin in the miswak sticks (resin is found in any wood) settles on your teeth and provides a protective layer.

This can help prevent staining, plaque and microbial action.

So, miswak sticks are an excellent way of keeping your teeth clean and protecting them from any future damage.

It’s no wonder that they have been used for thousands of years!

People all over the world have used miswak sticks for centuries to keep their teeth clean.

Just remember, toothbrushes and toothpaste are relatively new inventions and serious problems with your teeth could have killed you in the not so distant past.

So, throughout history, people have experimented with different things to keep their teeth clean.

One of the most successful experiments was the miswak stick.

So now you know what miswak sticks are and what they can be used for, I’m sure you are wondering where you can buy miswaks sticks in the UK. Of course, if you live anywhere near one of the trees mentioned above, you don’t need to buy them at all!

However, as there aren’t too many orange trees in the UK, here are the best places to buy miswak sticks in the UK.

Where to Buy Miswak Sticks in the UK


Of course, Amazon is a great place to buy miswak sticks; it’s a great place to buy anything!

Check out these sellers for the best miswak sticks on Amazon!

The Organic Toothbrush

The organic toothbrush company makes their miswak sticks from the roots of the Salvadora Persica tree.

This is one of the traditional trees that miswak sticks comes from and so their organic toothbrush offers all the natural cleaning power that drew cavemen to this product in the first place.

This is a starter kit containing two miswak sticks and some other goodies.

The Organic Toothbrush Company also has videos on their YouTube channel showing how to use their miswak sticks so this kit (or any of their other offerings) is the perfect place to start for a novice Miswak users.


Natural Fresh Miswak Sticks

These miswak sticks are as basic as you can get. You get three sticks in total in this bundle, and all of them come vacuum-packed to seal in the freshness.

They are great to use whether you know how to use Miswak sticks or if you are a total beginner.

The only downside to these miswak sticks are that because they are sealed when they are damp, there is a slightly strange smell when you first take them out of the packet.

This smell does go away as they dry out.

So, try and take the sticks out of the packet a few days before you are ready to use them, that way they will work great and smell nice when you are ready to experience the cleaning power of miswak sticks.


Natural Spa Supplies

NaturalSpaSupplies.co.uk has loads of options for miswak sticks.

They have bundle deals and different thicknesses of sticks to choose from. Of course, if you are just starting out with miswak sticks, you may not know which thickness you like, so perhaps the starter kit above is more suitable.

However, once you have some miswak experience, you can tailor your sticks to suit you and ensure that you always get the best cleaning power possible.

Natural Spa Supplies also has plenty of information about miswak sticks on their website, including how to use miswak sticks and ways of increasing their cleaning power.

Whether you get your miswak sticks from Natural Spa Supplies or not, it’s worth checking them out for everything you need to know about miswak sticks!



Of course, one of the greatest places in the world to find oddities and slightly more obscure stuff is eBay.

eBay has a host of sellers that offer miswak sticks in various sizes and bundles. eBay is perhaps the best place to shop for miswak sticks if you want to give them a try and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Many of the miswak stick sellers on eBay offer them at amazing prices for good quality sticks that will improve your oral hygiene.

So, whether you want to give miswak sticks a try or order them in bulk, just like so many other products, eBay is a good bet!



Well, now you know what miswak sticks are and where to get them, we hope you give them a go!

They are an excellent natural oral hygiene product that can help protect your teeth and gums from anything that modern diets can throw at them!

Please explore our website further for more natural products that can keep you feeling fresh and clean!

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