Top 8 Online Zero-Waste Shops in the UK

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Lots of people are now taking the plunge into a zero-waste lifestyle, or at least trying to reduce their plastic use.

However, it can be hard to find zero-waste and plastic-free products.

The UK is home to quite a few places where you can go to purchase zero-waste products or take your own containers to refill your usual detergent, shampoos and even cereals, but they aren’t in every area just yet.

Zero-waste shopping doesn’t have to be difficult or limited by your location.

You can get plenty of zero-waste goodies online, so let’s take a peek at some of the best online zero-waste shops in the UK.


Anything But Plastic


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Anything But Plastic (ABP) believes in reducing the UK’s plastic consumption one step at a time, by offering a great range of plastic-free items.

From non-sponge sponges to paper tape, to deodorant in glass jars, ABP has plenty of scope for starting you on your plastic reducing journey.

You can even buy gift vouchers to help inspire your friends and family to jump on the plastic-free bus with you!

ABP has been working hard since around 2017 to bring together plastic-free products into one place that is easily accessible.

The founder of this online shop is Jenny Derry, who enjoys the outdoors and came up with the idea of starting Anything But Plastic when she discovered the devastating effects that plastic is having on our environment.

ABP offers UK shipping which is fulfilled using Royal Mail, so the prices will vary depending upon the size of your parcel.

Unfortunately, shipping to Europe or Worldwide isn’t available just yet, but if you’re in the UK, you won’t have to wait too long for your goods – items are usually delivered using a standard second-class delivery service.

There will be no plastic used to package your items either, which is brilliant!

If you do feel the need to return anything, you can do so within 21 days of the receipt of your goods (but don’t use plastic packaging to send it back… Jenny will not be best pleased!)

Also, anyone who is looking for a stockist for their own plastic-free product should get in touch with Jenny, as she is always looking to expand her zero-waste offerings in the Anything But Plastic online store.


No Plastic Shop


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No Plastic Shop does exactly what it says on the tin – there’s no plastic to be found in this shop!

Selling products for your hair, kitchen, bathroom and teeth, you’re sure to be able to fulfil a whole chunk of your shopping list on this site alone and probably find more items that tickle your fancy.

With bamboo toothbrushes, solid shampoos, wax food wraps and plenty of baby items, there’s plenty of shopping to be done!

No Plastic Shop has been battling against the problems with plastic since 2018 with a mission to bring lots of great waste-free options to the UK.

With active Facebook and Twitter accounts, followers of the No Plastic Shop can keep up to date with all of the goings on, new products and events that No Plastic Shop will be selling at.

Shipping is carried out by Royal Mail and orders are usually sent out the next working day after the order is made.

Sometimes orders are delayed due to the availability of a product, but nothing should take longer than a week to be shipped.

No Plastic Shop also ship to countries within Europe – these orders are also sent out using Royal Mail services. Packaging is completely plastic-free and, where possible, has been sourced from nearby businesses and recycled into shredded packaging or just used as is (boxes).

There are some products available on a subscription basis, so if you want to keep your supply regular, you can set up a monthly delivery subscription (or every 2/3 months if that suits better) of your favourite items.

Not only will this save you time, but you will save up to 15% off the market price of your goods!


Small Shop



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The next zero-waste offering is in the form of Small Shop – small by name but with a great ethical story and hopefully a big impact on the reduction of plastic we consume across the UK.

With many items on offer in the shop, from on the go, reusable food containers, plastic-free straws, eco-friendly menstrual care to a whole host of vegan products. You can restock your kitchen, bathroom and cleaning cupboard in one place.

Small Shop has been trading plastic-free since 2018 and is based in Manchester.

This little online store was founded by Emma Street after living in India for a year and being inspired to live a less wasteful life.

She began her journey towards the zero-waste dream by making small changes every day, and she decided she wanted to make a bigger change and created her Small Shop. She posts pretty regularly on the shop’s Facebook page and even pins inspirational posts on Pinterest – check them out!

Delivery is offered, but it is limited to the UK at the moment, in a bid to lessen the shop’s carbon footprint.

Orders will be delivered by Royal Mail (a choice which many of these sites opt for – meaning no extra delivery vans e.g. Hermes, DPD etc. are being added to the roads). You can have your order delivered by 1st or 2nd class.

Alternatively, you can opt to pick it up from a local pick-up point if you live nearby. The free pick-up option is available on Thursdays between 5:30-7:30pm from The Butterfly House Cafe at The Torrs in High Peak.

All packaging is fully recyclable or compostable, with the exception of the odd piece of recycled bubble wrap or reusing packing peanuts when needed.

Small Shop does ask that their customers reuse packaging as much as they can to extend the life of the packaging before ending up in the landfill.


The Kind Store


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The Kind Store is a Vegan-friendly, zero-waste shop based in Essex that offers a wide range of items, from organic cotton cloths to reusable face wipes and bamboo hairbrushes to soap nuts.

There are loads of really great items on offer and they like to support local handmade businesses – who doesn’t love supporting local!? They also sell great gift boxes, which is where the inspiration for the site came about.

Founded by Tash (a vegan from Essex), The Kind Store has been in the making for the past 3 years but launched in 2018.

Tash wanted to collect together a selection of kind brands that offer great products that are even greater for the environment and she wanted to inspire the UK to take small steps each day to make a difference in the amount of waste the country produces.

The Kind Store is a passion project as well as a business, with the aim to be ultra-eco-friendly and help to make the world a better place for humans and animals alike.

Another of the stores to use regular Royal Mail shipping, you can have your goods within 2 days after the order has processed (dispatch will be within 48 hours of ordering).

You can upgrade to 24-hour delivery if you need your stuff earlier, but it is at a little extra cost. If you live local to Chelmsford, you can arrange for a free collection of your products from Tash’s home! Those living in Europe or Internationally are offered a flat rate for delivery too, so no one is left out!

Already shopped and liked what you saw? Join The Kind Club and get a free gift with your 2nd, 5th and 10th order. You’ll get a quarterly email chock full of interesting news, offers, articles and announcements – all you have to do is subscribe.

If you have a product which adheres to the ethics of The Kind Store, then Tash is happy to hear from you, just get in touch!


The Plastic Free Shop


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The Plastic Free Shop offers just that: plastic-free products!

With tin tubes of dental floss, recycled aluminium foil, linen towels, reusable bamboo cosmetic pads and natural sunscreen, there isn’t much you won’t find on The Plastic Free Shop!

You can even opt for a gift card of any amount – the perfect gift for the eco-warrior.

Cath is the founder of The Plastic Free Shop and she is based in Bristol.

What inspired her to start up her zero-waste online store was when her brother (a conservationist) came back from a meeting about the marine plastic pollution with not much good news and after seeing a screening of A Plastic Ocean.

She was driven to re-evaluate her own plastic consumption before making small changes to get on the journey to a plastic-free destination.

The next step was to bring zero-waste goodies to the rest of the UK by opening up shop and sharing the knowledge of her favourite products.

If you spend over £30 on your order, you will get free (second class) delivery!

Royal Mail are the guys who fulfil these deliveries, so you will have your items in no time!

There is a 1st class option if you prefer to get your items a little sooner too.

Don’t fret if you’re reading this from overseas in Europe, you can get your zero-waste goodies for a flat rate International shipping fee (the weight of your parcel will be limited to 2kg by the Royal Mail’s limitations).

Unfortunately, worldwide shipping is not yet an option, but returns are accepted as long as the item is returned in its original, unused condition.

The packaging used by The Plastic Free Shop is all plastic free and, where possible, compostable or recyclable, so the plastic-free pledge keeps going strong, even in delivery.


Wearth London


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Wearth London sells all manner of plastic-free, eco-friendly products, with the usual kitchen, bathroom and beauty items as well as some really pretty, sustainable jewellery items.

This would be a really great place to not only fulfil your usual shopping list but a fab place to find super unique gifts.

Another string to add to Wearth’s bow is that it actually sells reclaimed and upcycled furniture which has all been crafted in the UK!

Like the name says, London is the home of this online store which was created in 2017 with the aims to help the UK to shop more consciously.

Co-founders Ed and Imogen post pretty frequently on the shop’s Instagram page and are both twenty-somethings who are keen to be more aware of their plastic consumption and how their choices affect the environment.

Their aim with Wearth London is to share the joy of reducing your carbon footprint, choosing more ethical and eco-friendly products!

UK delivery is a standard rate and should be with you within 3-5 days. But, because of this online shop being a marketplace, multiple sellers are involved, so these parcels will arrive separately if ordering from varying sellers (some sellers even offer free delivery).

Delivery times will differ when ordering handmade jewellery or furniture items due to the nature of being made to order or just a larger, more cumbersome parcel.

The delivery of certain products may be available to those in Europe, but you are asked to contact them before placing any orders.

All packaging is plastic-free and is reusable or recyclable, so you are encouraged to do so once you receive your package.

Wearth London is a great place to find local sellers and be able to support small businesses all over the UK.


Zero Waste Club


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Zero Waste Club isn’t as exclusive as it sounds – everyone can join in on the waste-free lifestyle and shop their vast online store! If you’re struggling to find places to refill your dried foods, herbs and spices, then look no further.

Zero Waste Club have a plethora of foodstuffs to help restock your pantry from pasta to your favourite tea blend. You will also be able to make some great plastic-free additions to your bathroom cabinet.

Rishi and Pawan are friends and co-founders of Zero Waste Club, who both feel very strongly about the negative effect humans are having on the world around us.

They noticed that eco-friendly products were being priced as luxury items and some “eco” products were stretching the boundaries of that label.

This led them to the idea of producing their own range of beautiful, eco-friendly products. Pawan even deferred going to university to set up ZWC.

Zero Waste Club deliver worldwide! So, everyone can benefit from access to all of these fab zero-waste products. There are varying delivery prices for food items and non-food items.

Unfortunately, food items are not available for shipping worldwide, but all of the eco-warriors in the UK and Europe can get their paws on any products they want in the store.

If you do need to return an item, you can do so within 14 days of the receipt of your goods, so long as they are in their original condition and unused.

Zero Waste Club has a section on their site dedicated to DIY ideas for people to use in their daily life to decrease the amount of waste they produce – you can make your own laundry softener or try your hand at making some peppermint mouthwash!


Zero Waste Path Shop


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Zero Waste Path Shop sells some great beauty and cosmetic products which are all, of course, plastic-free and much better for the environment than some of the mainstream offerings.

From solid shampoo bars to lotion bars, you can enjoy some lovely products in the knowledge that your plastic consumption isn’t going up. You can even get your pet pooch a bar of doggy shampoo – so Fido can help to reduce the problems that plastic is having on our oceans too!

Even though Zero Waste Path Shop was set up in 2018, Bianca and Giulio started on their path to zero waste in 2016 while living in Italy.

Bianca was inspired by Lauren Singer’s trash jar and she wanted to set her own plastic-free, zero-waste ways in motion.

Now based in Cambridge, UK, this duo regularly set up shop at vegan and eco-friendly events but all of their products are available to purchase online – to the whole of the UK and Europe!

All of Zero Waste Path Shop’s products are handmade, as not outsourcing manufacturing is a big part of the company’s philosophy. This way, Bianca can make sure that every step in the manufacturing process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

As we mentioned before, Zero Waste Path Shop can ship items all across the UK and Europe and they use Royal Mail to fulfil these orders.

The processing time is between 1-3 days, so your products will be on their way to you in no time at all!

Their packaging choices are also recyclable and some parts are even compostable if you chose to do so, keeping the plastic-free pledge going strong and keeping things as eco-friendly as possible.



There are loads of great zero-waste shopping opportunities popping up all over the country and all over the internet, so starting out on your zero-waste or plastic-free journey has never looked more hopeful!

Always remember to start small and don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to cut too many things out at once.

Doing one thing at a time will bring more success than going in gung-ho and then realising you can’t keep up!

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