Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Floss Picks in the UK

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Floss picks are a small part of a big problem: plastic waste. Floss picks contribute to the massive amount of plastic that is polluting the oceans all over the world.

The problem isn’t really the dental floss part of the floss picks, although this does play a part and can be eaten by animals.

The main problem with floss picks is the plastic handle. These handles get tossed in the rubbish bin and then transported all over the world or end up on landfill sites and never decompose.

We need to start making changes to our daily lives and the products we use to ensure that the planet can survive to support our kids. If we don’t, the world may be a far scarier place for our children.

We need to reduce our plastic footprint, but this can be tricky.

Unfortunately, many big companies haven’t got the memo that plastic is killing our planet yet.

This can mean that getting hold of plastic alternatives to daily products can be difficult. Thankfully, there are some amazing plastic-free products available from smaller companies, just like the ones below.

The eco-friendly floss picks below work just as well as the plastic versions (if not better in some cases). This means you won’t notice any difference to how well these clean your teeth and remove all the little pieces of food stuck between them.

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that the world is being made a little better because you are using eco-friendly floss picks instead of plastic ones.

Let’s take a look at some eco-friendly floss picks and see where you can buy the best.

Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Floss Picks in the UK


The White Teeth Box Charcoal Infused Bamboo Dental Floss


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Wearth London offers these great charcoal-infused floss picks that are completely plastic free, sort of.

The packaging that these floss picks come in is a biodegradable plant-based plastic, the rest of these dental picks are as plastic-free as can be.

The floss part is made from bamboo that is infused with charcoal to provide amazing cleaning power and helps improve overall oral hygiene and health. The handle of these picks is made from cornstarch.

These floss sticks are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials that are vegan-friendly and awesome. What more can we say? Give these zero-waste floss picks from The White Teeth Box a try.

If you like them, they offer several pack options that can cover your oral hygiene for up to a year!

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Ah eBay… You can find so many interesting products from great small businesses on eBay. There aren’t many sellers on eBay currently offering eco-friendly floss sticks, but there are a few.

At the time of writing, the only eco-friendly floss picks you can buy on eBay are the ones mentioned above from The White Teeth Box.

However, in the future there might be more zero-waste floss picks available from other brands.

These dental floss picks will provide a great clean every day and your purchase will also help a small business take the next step and allow them to do even more great work for the planet and the people who live on it.

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Pearlbar Biodegradable Charcoal Infused Floss Picks


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PearlBar’s floss picks, stocked by Red23, use bamboo fibres infused with charcoal on cornstarch handles.

They are also award-winning, which is nice! These floss picks won the Natural Beauty Product Award from Natural Organic Awards Europe in 2017.

As well as being award-winning, they are free of GMOs, vegan and not tested on animals.

These floss picks can help you maintain great oral hygiene and prevent cavities and gingivitis. They also provide lovely breath thanks to the natural mint flavouring.

If you like your floss picks to be award-winning, give these a go. These are clearly a superb product, the Natural Organic Awards and now us have told you that they are, so they must be!

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Vegan Essentials also stock the PearlBar floss picks that we discussed above.

However, they also stock a load of other great vegan health and beauty products that you might want to check out.

Whether you are vegan, care about the planet or both, the products Vegan Essentials stock mean you can buy in confidence and know that the planet is being helped, animals weren’t harmed during the production of the product and the product is made from sustainable resources.

Vegan Essentials is a great place to check out. They have tonnes of information about all the products they stock and customer reviews so you can see what these products are like to live with.

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We hope this article on eco-friendly floss picks has helped you.

To find out more about other natural, nearly-natural and zero-waste products, please explore our website further. We have loads of amazing products on here that can help the environment and help you achieve the beauty and health routine you’ve always wanted.

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  1. After getting through 60 floss picks in a year and then realising they aren’t recyclable, I’m now looking for something better for the environment! Looks like red23 don’t stock those picks anymore and The White Teeth Box are currently out of stock with their picks 🙁

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