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Loose leaf tea on spoons

Best Loose Leaf Tea in the UK

Loose leaf tea within the UK is not the daily brew for most people. Most people would not conceive of making tea without their perfectly proportioned bag that gets the measure ‘just right’. However, they are some significant benefits to ditching the bag and going loose. The amount of tea drunk within the UK is …

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Sliced tempeh

Where to Buy Tempeh in the UK

Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay) is a fermented soy product originating from Indonesia, made by fermenting soy beans then pressing them into compact cakes or patties. Tempeh is often used as a meat replacement in vegetarian and vegan diets, as it contains a high level of protein similar to meat and dairy products. However, it’s not just …

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Matcha tea

Best Matcha Tea in the UK

Matcha tea is one of the latest health trends taking the western world by storm. This powdered Japanese tea is rich in antioxidants and can be drunk as a tea or used in lattes, milkshakes and smoothies. What Is Matcha Tea? Matcha tea is made from green tea leaves that have been ground into a …

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Printable Seasonal Food Chart (UK)

Eating seasonally puts us back in connection with the natural rhythm of the seasons. It’s also much better for the planet, as it doesn’t involve importing food from the other side of the world. Seasonal food also tastes better, as it’s fresher and hasn’t been artificially preserved for a long time. Seasonal eating encourages us …

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Is Organic Food Really Organic?

You’ve started buying organic because you want to make the healthiest, most environmentally conscious food choices. Maybe you’ve heard about the potential dangers of pesticides when it comes to our health or read the recent government study that found pesticide residues in 47% or British food. Or you’ve heard about the overuse of antibiotics and …

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