Eco-Friendly Living

Beach plastic pollution

How to Use Less Plastic

Plastics are cheap and convenient materials in the short term, but they are having a devastating long-term effect on the environment. There is also growing evidence that they are having a negative effect on our health. The main advantage of plastics is that they can be easily moulded into different shapes, which makes them very …

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Man by sea

How to Live a More Natural Life

Technological developments in the past few hundred years have brought incredible benefits to our lives. However, the majority of us are now living lives that are very different to those our ancestors led. Our bodies are exposed to manmade chemicals, artificial light and pollution that can have a negative impact on our physical and emotional …

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Best Cruelty-Free Mascaras in the UK

Unfortunately, many cosmetics and other household products contribute to the suffering of animals every day, thanks to practices like animal testing. Makeup has long been tested on animals before being sold to consumers, but people are increasingly conscious of animal welfare and increasing numbers are no longer willing to accept products that have caused the …

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