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Are Synthetic Rugs Toxic?

Are synthetic rugs toxic? The answer might surprise you. Synthetic rugs do indeed contain a large amount of chemicals which could be considered harmful to both humans and the environment. Although cheaper than natural, eco-friendly rugs, the health risk these pose completely outweighs the financial savings. That’s why, if you care about the health and …

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Best SLS-Free Face Wash in the UK

If you have sensitive, reactive skin, you might find that regular face wash products packed full of artificial chemicals do more harm than good. One particular culprit is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS is a foaming agent that can irritate the skin and dry it out, which is why people with hypersensitive skin are often …

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Guide to Chemical-Free Living

We should start this guide by saying that “chemical-free” is actually a misnomer. Everything is made up of chemicals, so it’s technically impossible to go “chemical-free”. What we really mean by “chemical-free” is “free from harmful artificial chemicals”. Many products we use on a daily basis contain artificial chemicals that can be harmful to our …

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