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Soap bars

Shampoo bars are becoming very popular in the UK and for good reasons that we’ll get to in just a moment.

There are a lot of companies in the UK that make shampoo bars, so sorting the good from the bad can be tricky.

We’ve created a list below of the best shampoo bars in the UK. These shampoo bars work brilliantly and smell lovely.

However, before we get to our list of the best shampoo bars in the UK, let’s find out why you should switch to using shampoo bars.

Why Use Shampoo Bars?

If you have a favourite shampoo, you may be wondering why on earth you would risk switching to a shampoo bar.

Is the risk really worth it and will a shampoo bar work as well as your favourite shampoo?

Well, yes, shampoo bars work just as well as shampoo, better in some cases, but there are many other reasons to switch to shampoo bars.

1. Shampoo bars are multi-purpose

In a pinch, you can use a shampoo bar to wash your body, your clothes and even your pets.

Most of the shampoo bars below are made from primarily natural ingredients and so there’s no reason why you can’t use them for all of your cleaning needs.

The fact that you can use shampoo bars for washing everywhere makes them perfect for camping trips, the gym and travelling around the world!

Speaking of travelling…

2. You can take a shampoo bar anywhere in the world

If you’re like us and you like to travel light when exploring the world, you’ll love shampoo bars. As shampoo bars are solid, they can go in your hand luggage without any arguments from border security.

This means that you always have a way of refreshing yourself even in an airport toilet when waiting for your next flight.

Carrying a shampoo bar in your luggage also means that you won’t get to your hotel and find all your clothes soaking wet because your shampoo has leaked all over them!

This is no way to start a holiday, speaking from experience!

3. Eco-friendly packaging

A solid bar of shampoo doesn’t need to come in a plastic container. Most shampoo bars don’t come with any packaging at all.

So, by using shampoo bars, you can cut down on your plastic usage and help the environment out.

Plastic is becoming a huge problem for our world and a few simple changes to your daily routine, like using shampoo bars, can make a massive difference to how much plastic is being used in the UK.

See our guide to reducing your plastic use here for more tips.

4. Shampoo bars last a long time

Most shampoo bars have a far higher concentration of ingredients than their shampoo counterparts. This means that you need to use less of a shampoo bar to get the same results.

So, even though a shampoo bar looks small, it lasts a very long time and gives great results during this time because of the amazing ingredients included.

So what are these ingredients? Well, to find that out, we need to take a look at the best shampoo bars in the UK.

So, if you’re sitting comfortably, let’s find out which shampoo bars are the best in the UK that will seamlessly replace your shampoo and make travelling and everyday life easier for you.

Best Shampoo Bars in the UK

1. Alphy & Becs Conditioning Shampoo Bar

This amazing shampoo bar is made from shea butter, coconut milk and vitamin E, making it perfect your hair’s health.

This is a conditioning shampoo bar, and so it will leave your hair feeling wonderfully silky and looking naturally beautiful.

Of course, like most shampoo bars, this bar comes lovingly wrapped in eco-friendly paper so you can enjoy this amazing shampoo bar and help the environment too.

What makes this shampoo bar one of the best in the UK is how well it works on oily hair. Thanks to the patchouli and bergamot, this will help with keeping your oily hair at bay and also help with itchy scalps.

This shampoo bar is perfect if you struggle with oily hair. You’ll love the smell of this shampoo bar and the amazing effect it has on your hair!


2. Funky Soap Ayurvedic Herb Shampoo

Funky Soap shampoo bars are ugly, let’s get that out the way. But they are ugly because they are completely natural and sometimes nature is ugly.

These shampoo bars, though, offer some of the best natural ingredients in the world.

So, even though the shampoo bar is ugly, your hair won’t be if you use it!

This shampoo bar from Funky Soap is 100% natural and contains herbs that have been used for thousands of years. The process of making this shampoo bar is nothing short of insanity.

For example, part of it involves infusing four herbal powders in olive oil for two weeks!

However, once the process is finished, you are left with a fantastic shampoo bar that will leave your hair feeling healthy, natural and ready for the day ahead.


3. Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar

Friendly Soap is all about the plastic-free life. They created this shampoo bar because they didn’t want their customers using a load of plastic for no reason.

This shampoo bar is a direct replacement for any shampoo in the world, and it works amazingly well.

This shampoo bar is made from coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, water and some lovely essential oils like tea tree oil and lavender oil.  All of this adds up to a shampoo bar that smells great and leaves your hair feeling and looking natural.

This shampoo bar doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oil, but rather helps it manage it and makes your hair look and feel amazing, and it does this very well indeed.


4. Wild Sage & Co. Shampoo Bar Rosemary + Lavender

This shampoo bar has been made with some wonderful ingredients from the UK that will take you to the countryside every time you use it.

The base of this shampoo bar is rapeseed oil and organic apple cider vinegar, and the smell is enhanced with homegrown rosemary with some lovely lavender thrown in for good measure.

This shampoo bar is 100% natural. It is made from vegan ingredients and isn’t tested on animals, although it can be used to wash your pets if you like.

This shampoo bar is lovingly made in a cottage in the Herefordshire countryside.

Buying this shampoo bar means you are going to get lovely smelling hair every day, reduce your plastic waste and support a wonderful English company, what more can we say?

If you love the English countryside, you need this amazing shampoo bar in your life!


5. The Little Goat Company Shampoo Bar

The Little Goat Company is a small UK company based in Littleworth Oxfordshire. They make handmade goats milk soap and only ever add natural ingredients to them.

This shampoo bar has been created which natural ingredients that help to relieve itchy scalps, eczema and psoriasis. It contains raw goat’s milk, neem and a unique blend of natural oils.

This shampoo bar really does help massively with the skin conditions mentioned above, and it also leaves your hair feeling wonderful too.

This is the perfect shampoo to use on your children’s hair if they suffer from eczema, it will really help them find relief and make their hair feel and look healthy too.

The Little Goat Company have carefully crafted this shampoo bar so that it really works, and it really works! Give it a try and find out for yourself!



We hope this look at the best shampoo bars in the UK and the reasons you should switch to them has been helpful.

If we had to pick just one to recommend it would be the Alphy & Becs Conditioning Shampoo Bar as it’s made from natural ingredients, is vegan and comes in biodegradable paper rather than plastic.

If you are ready to make the switch to more natural, plastic-free products, see our guide to using less plastic here.

You can also check out our other articles about natural, nearly-natural and plastic-free products that are amazing for your skin, hair and life!

2 thoughts on “Best Shampoo Bars in the UK – Plastic-Free Shampoo”

  1. Amica Soap are a great little soap maker in Scotland, wrapped in recycled paper and SLS free too, personally recommend their Aloe Vera or Avocado bars, comes with built in conditioners!

  2. W’ve started to use the solid bar company’s natural vegan shampoo bars – they have 4 different scents to please all our family – as they’re plastic free, silicone free, SLS free, paraben free, cruelty free, palm oil free, zero-waste and made in the UK what’s not to like??

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