Best Natural Dog Chews & Treats in the UK

Dog chewing a bone

Anyone who owns a dog will know that they enjoy a good chew on something, whether it be your new sofa or a dog toy.

The best thing for both them and you is a dog chew specially designed for them and better yet, a natural one.

As well as being a natural instinct, chewing is also very beneficial to the health of your dog.

It provides essential oral and dental care to your dog’s mouth by exercising your dog’s jaw as well as scraping plaque and tartar from their teeth.

There is also mental stimulation to be gained from chewing for a dog as it keeps them occupied in the excitement of the toy – it also keeps them from chewing your furniture out of boredom!

Despite chewing being good for your dog, you must also be careful what you give them to chew on.

Dog toys and bones bought especially are fine, but smaller bones such as those of a chicken shatter easily and could injure your dog.

There are plenty of chews out there for you to choose from, but as with most things, natural is better.

Many of the processed chews contain wheat as a primary ingredient and therefore gluten that cannot be digested by a dog’s stomach, designed for digesting protein and can therefore cause stomach problems.

See below for some more natural and healthier options to keep your pups occupied.

Best Natural Dog Chews in the UK

1. Whimzees Natural Dog Treat Variety Box

These natural dog treats from Whimzees are always good for a laugh.

You get 24 in a pack in a variety of random shapes that, to be honest, always look funny when your dog is chewing on them.

However, these natural dog chews haven’t made this list because they are funny. They are on this list because they are made from 100% natural ingredients, and they are made to a human-grade standard.

These natural dog chews are not suitable for puppies under nine months, but that’s the only real drawback to these natural dog chews.

They are great for stimulating his brain, keeping his teeth and gums healthy and provide him with added nutrients that his diet may be lacking.

These natural dog chews also have a long shelf life meaning you can buy them in bulk, save some money and always have a chew ready when he’s been a good boy!


2. Antos Antler Natural Dog Chew

This natural chew comes from the antler of a Scottish Highland deer and thanks to its origin, bears no marks of processing or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The chew is a great and far safer alternative to animal bones as it contains healthy minerals and calcium whilst being incredibly tough and long-lasting without splinters.

The antlers are taken in a sustainable manner, so there is no need to worry about the ethics of the chew and even when they are cleaned, no chemicals are used and all sharp edges smoothed so that you can ensure your dog’s absolute safety.

Antos Antler Natural Dog Chews are suitable for small to medium/large dogs, but can be torn to pieces very quickly by extra-large breeds.


3. Pure Rabbit Sticks Dog Treats

Pure Rabbit Sticks Dog Treats from The Pure Range comprise 100% rabbit meat, with the additives, preservatives and any gluten left well out.

They are good for any size of dog as the sticks are relatively thin and can even be broken up if you are worried about giving your dog a whole chew in one go or want to use them as training treats.

They come in different flavours – duck, salmon rabbit, etc. – to keep your dog interested with new tastes and smells all the time.

The package does seem a little pricey as you only get 8 treats per box (this won’t go far for bigger dogs!) but you can be safe in the knowledge that your dog is consuming nothing but good, natural meat.


4. Rocco Natural Dried Cows’ Ear

You may have given your dogs pigs’ ears before (that often smell and are greasy), which are readily available from most pet shops, however, cow ears offer a lower fat option for your dogs.

The ears are even chewier, meaning that they will occupy your dog for even longer without the negative health impacts of pig ears.

Rocco Natural Dried Cows’ Ears are simply dried out ears, meaning there are no artificial nasties added to them that could cause damage to your doggies and their teeth are kept clean.

These ears are recommended for medium to larger dogs because of the size of the treat and the strength of jaw needed to bite them.


5. Paws Paradise Natural Chicken Feet

A delicacy for humans in other parts of the world, chickens’ feet also make a tasty treat for our furry friends!

The feet also contain important fatty acids for a healthy skin and shiny coat as well as being good for keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

Paws Paradise Natural Chicken Feet are simply oven-dried, again with no nasties added to ensure your dog receives only natural nutrients.

The only issue with this treat is the knock-out smell – if you have a sensitive nose or want to use these to distract a furry friend while you enjoy your dinner, you may want to choose another chew from the others listed above!


6. Express Pet Supplies Beef Tails

These beef tails are the perfect chew to keep your dog busy. He will love the taste of these as they are 100% natural, so they taste like delicious beef.

They are also low in fat and even gluten-free, making them great if he’s on a diet or you want to keep his weight stable and healthy.

These beef tails will keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy and thanks to the high content of cartilage, they will keep his jaw muscles nice and strong too.

Due to their cartilage content, they last a while too.

They last most big dogs about half an hour to an hour, but it depends on how much they like them and how much they want the juicy meat in the middle.

As these beef tails have quite a hard, sinewy outer layer, we wouldn’t recommend these for puppies, but they are great for all other dogs!


7. Green & Wilds Chewroots

These Chewroots from Green and Wilds are excellent for many reasons.

Firstly, they are great for any sized dog, including puppies. They are also 100% untreated and limited to a responsible number every year.

These chews are also extremely durable; one Chewroot can last the whole year, depending on how much your dog like it.

This makes these chews a very effective way of keeping your dog’s teeth, gums and jaw healthy and strong.

These Chewroots are made from tubers found in the root systems of certain trees.

Harvesting these dog chews do not harm the tree in any way and the tubers grow back, so as long as Green and Wilds are responsible (which they are), their tuber supply will last forever!

Give these chews a try if your dog gets through their chew quickly, they are excellent and provide a really interesting plaything for all dogs.


8. Rocco Green Beef Tripe

Rocco Green Beef Tripe is simply freshly dried tripe with no added extras that may be harmful.

Be careful to buy green tripe and not the white version as this has been bleached and sterilised which destroys its natural nutrients.

Green tripe supports healthy intestinal bacteria in your dog as well as being a great source of protein and calcium which helps keep your dog’s coat and teeth healthy too.

As this version is dried, you avoid the awful smell of raw tripe while reaping the same rewards! The dried tripe can be very hard and not easily broken, but it is a great chew for your dog’s dental health.


Benefits of Natural Dog Chews

Dog chews have many benefits for your dog, and the benefits listed below are just a few of them. Of course, every dog is different, and he develops his own habits which change throughout his life.

However, many dogs have similar behaviours that dog chews can help with.

1. Chewing is a natural behaviour

For example, chewing is a natural habit for most dogs. Dogs love to chew, and if you don’t provide something for them to chew on, they will find something to chew.

So, if you provide him with a dog chew that is natural and beneficial to their health, he can continue his natural behaviour and reap the benefits of necessary nutrients.

Chewing on natural, nutrient-rich dog chews is important for puppies and older dogs.

Chewing is natural for all dogs and needs to channelled correctly and actually encouraged as it means that you can provide extra nutrients to your dog and keep them healthy and fit.

2. Mental stimulation

Another benefit to dog chews is that it provides him with some mental stimulation.

This is vital, particularly if he is in a position where he can get bored, for example if your dog stays home while you are at work.

Giving him a chew can stimulate his brain and keep him active while you are out and it can save you coming home to the dining table legs being chewed up.

This harkens back to the first point too, he loves to chew; it is natural. So, if you don’t provide something for him to chew, he will find something.

It’s far better to offer him a natural and healthy dog chew to stimulate his brain rather than waiting for him to find something to chew!

3. Oral health

One last benefit of dog chews is, of course, oral health. Chewing is a great way of keeping your dog’s jaw muscles, teeth and gums in great shape.

Most chews can clean his teeth and gums and freshen his breath.

However, natural dog chews can do even more.

Natural dog chews can break down the enzymes in their mouth and leave their teeth, gums and breath cleaner and fresher.


Best Natural Dog Treats in the UK

1. Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats

These Bounce and Bella grain free dog treats are brilliant for training. They are nice and small meaning you can take loads on a dog walk with you and give your dog them whenever they are a good boy.

They are also hypoallergenic meaning they are perfect for training dogs who have sensitive stomachs.

You get 800 treats in this pack. 80% of these are made with fresh poultry meat and 20% of them are made with potatoes and gravy. This means that your dog gets a nice mix during your training sessions.

Oh yes, we listed all the ingredients above too, that’s it—meat, potatoes and gravy!

These treats are great for training puppies or adults, and their size means you’ll never overfeed your dog.


2. JR Pet Products 100% Pure Training Treats

These natural dog treats are simply made from dried fresh, human-grade meat.

You get three packs of treats (chicken, rabbit and duck) which provides your dog with plenty of variety, and the packs are only 85 grams each making them great to stick in your pocket on a dog walk.

What more can we say about these natural dog treats from JR Pet? We’ve already listed the ingredients.

They contain no grains, and they are gluten-free. These dog treats are just basically jerky without the flavourings, and your dog will love them!

The meats are air dried, and they only use the best cuts of meat.

Whether you use these treats for training or just to spoil your dog every so often, your dog will love them.


3. J R Pet Products Pure Dried 100% Fresh Meat Dog Treat Sticks

JR Pet makes some amazing natural dog treats so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they feature more than once on this list.

These treats are, once again, made from 100% fresh meat, but they are bigger, so they are great for dogs that love a snack.

With this bundle, you’ll receive one packet of kangaroo, chicken, beef, lamb, duck, rabbit, salmon and venison treats.

Again, there is nothing added to these treats; they are simply made from air-dried human-grade meat.

These are excellent for any size dog and provide a lovely snack, they can also be used for training too, but we prefer using the ones above for training as they are handier to keep in your pocket on walks.

Both of the JR Pet treats on this list are exceptional, your dog has to try them!


4. Healthy Hounds Grain Free Training Treats

These treats from healthy hounds are grain free, hypoallergenic and perfect for training puppies and dogs. Once again, this pack contains 80% poultry meat treats and 20% potato and gravy treats.

The poultry treats in this pack are a combination of chicken, duck and turkey providing a lovely mixed bag for your dog while training.

This pack of treats is 500 grams which is a great weight for taking with you on walks.

A lovely touch with these treats is that they come in a resealable bag, as Healthy Hounds know how good these treats are for training dogs on walks!

Once again, the ingredients of these treats are simple, natural and tasty and make training your dog fun and easy!


5. Whimzees Natural Dog Treat Variety Box

We’ve mentioned these natural dog treats from Whimzees before in our roundup of the best natural dog chews, but they are so great that we had to include them on this list too.

These natural treats come in a variety box; you get 24 random treats in this box that your dog will love.

The shapes make them really fun to give your dog; the toothbrush one is my favourite, cos it’s funny to see Polar running around with a toothbrush.

Unlike a lot of the other treats on this list, these are not training treats, these are treats for the home.

These make the perfect snack for your dog; they keep Polar busy for about half an hour. Once again, of course, they are completely natural, produced to human-grade standards, and they will help clean your dog’s teeth.


Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

With natural dog treats, you can control what your dog is eating because you know exactly what is in their treats.

There is no nasty stuff or fillers in them that can mean they are getting a lot more food than you realise.

Here are a few of the benefits of natural dog treats.

Great for training puppies

The problem with using treats to reaffirm good behaviour is that you can overfeed your dog and fill them with questionable stuff.

However, with natural dog treats, you don’t have that problem. They actually make training a puppy a lot easier, we keep them handy while on walks, while we are at home and for him to snack on in the car.

Keep your dog healthy, while spoiling him!

We all love to spoil our dogs, dogs are awesome and need to be told this several times a day and treats are a great way of telling your dog how awesome he is. However, too many treats can be bad.

Normal dog treats are like sweets for your dog.

We all love sweets, but if we eat a bag of them a day, we will do some serious harm to our bodies. However, natural dog treats are far healthier for your dog than normal treats.

Of course, you shouldn’t feed your dog too many treats (they should only make up about 10% of your dog’s diet), but natural dog treats offer a way of treating your dog when he looks at you with puppy eyes while knowing that what you’re giving him isn’t damaging his health!

Perfect for dieting doggies

Dieting doggies still need love and treats. However, a dieting dog is probably on a diet because of how many treats it has had.

But because natural dog treats are healthier for them, you can still give your dog natural dog treats while they are losing a few pounds.

Of course, you can’t give them too many, but a few a day will keep their puppy dog eyes at bay!

These are just some of the reasons that we love natural dog treats.

Natural dog treats are perfect for training dogs, spoiling them every so often and keep them healthy.



We hope this look at natural dog chews and treats has been helpful. We have tried to include a variety of chews and treats that are suitable for all variety of dogs and puppies.

To find out more about natural products including natural dog food, explore our website further.

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