Best Argan Oil for Hair in the UK

Argan fruit

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco.

For centuries, Moroccan women have used it to keep their hair and skin healthy. More recently, argan oil has become a hot trend in the UK.

Argan oil contains fatty acids and vitamin E, which can help make hair softer and more manageable, with less frizz. For that reason, it’s often used in shampoos and conditioners.

Some shampoos and conditioners contain argan oil mixed in with artificial chemicals that can do more harm than good.

Often silicones such as dimethicone are added, which coat the hair making it look and feel shinier in the short term, but damaging and dulling it in the long term.

The best thing is to use pure argan oil, or a 100% natural argan oil shampoo or conditioner.

You can use pure argan oil on its own by combing a few drops through wet hair or using it as a leave-in conditioner.

Here are some of the best pure argan oil products for hair available in the UK.

Best Argan Oil for Hair in the UK

1. The Body Source 100% Pure and Organic Argan Oil

This organic argan oil is produced ethically in Morocco and isn’t tested on animals.

The Body Source gets the oil from women’s cooperatives, which give Berber women in Morocco a way to earn a fair wage.

The oil is cold pressed and double filtered to keep the nutrient content high and ensure the highest possible purity.  It comes in a 100-ml glass bottle with a useful pipette dropper.

The Body Source recommends using this argan oil as a pre-shampoo conditioner by rubbing a few drops into the hair and then leaving it for 15-20 minutes.

The Body Source is a British company based in London. In addition to argan oil, they also sell virgin coconut oil, reed diffusers and natural mosquito-repellent products.

Most people aren’t too keen on the smell of pure argan oil, and this oil is no exception, though the smell is quite subtle and nutty.


2. Billy in the Tree Pure Argan Oil

This argan oil from Billy in the Tree is very similar to the Body Source product reviewed above.

It’s 100% organic and comes in a 100-ml glass bottle with a pipette. This argan oil’s organic crentials have been certified by Ecocert, a certification body.

Billy in the Tree’s argan oil is cold-pressed from organic, hand-picked argan tree kernels grown in the Atlas Mountains region of Morocco.

This oil doesn’t contain any added ingredients—it’s just pure argan oil.

Billy in the Tree is a family-run business based in Jersey, where the oil is bottled.

Their name refers to the phenomenon of goats climbing argan trees to eat its fruit.

Most people find this argan oil to be very high quality. At the time of writing it’s slightly cheaper than The Body Source’s rival product reviewed above.

You can also buy this oil in a 50-ml bottle, though the 100-ml bottle offers better value for money.


3. ViolaSkin Argan Oil & Coconut Oil

This product combines two of the best natural oils for hair-conditioning: argan and coconut oil.

It also contains lavender oil, which arguably helps give it a more pleasant smell than pure argan oil.

ViolaSkin Argan Oil & Coconut Oil comes in a 100-ml bottle with a pipette. It’s slightly more expensive per 100 ml than most pure argan oil products.

It might be better value for money to buy argan oil and coconut oil separately and blend them yourself, though this product is quick and convenient.

You can use this oil on your face as a moisturiser or on your hair as a conditioner.

Most people who use this product on their hair find that it makes their hair softer and more manageable.


4. ArtNaturals USDA Organic Morrocan Argan Oil

This argan oil from ArtNaturals is sold in a 118-ml (4 fluid ounces) bottle with a dropper. It’s sourced ethically in Morocco and is made from cold-pressed kernels.

This product is good for treating dry and frizzy hair. It’s slightly more expensive per 100 ml than some of the other options available, but it should last a long time.


Benefits of Using Argan Oil on Your Hair

Argan oil is known to be good for your hair due to its moisturising effect on your scalp, conditioning properties and protective abilities.

Using argan oil on your hair can really benefit the overall health of your hair in so many ways:

  1. Reduce or alleviate dandruff
    Argan oil is rich in vitamin E which makes is great for moisturising your scalp. The fatty acids present in this wonder oil are known to help ease skin inflammation and can help to reduce flaking.
  2. Treat dry or brittle hair
    In the same ways argan oil can rehydrate your scalp, it also deeply conditions hair from root to tip.
  3. Calm frizzy hair & define curls
    Argan oil can help to repair split ends and will ease the look of frizz, preventing flyaways and increasing the definition of any natural curls or waves in your hair.
  4. Protect from styling heat
    You may not think oil and heat styling would go hand in hand, but argan oil can protect your hair from the heat, keeping it enriched with nutrients and natural moisture.
  5. Protect from chemical damage
    When swimming, your hair can come up against a whole host of chemicals that just aren’t kind to your locks. Applying argan oil all over your hair before swimming helps form a protective barrier from chlorine and other pool nasties.
  6. Give your hair shine
    Last but not least, you should notice an improvement in the appearance of your hair. It should look a lot healthier and a lot glossier after using argan oil regularly.

Argan oil benefits for hair

How to Use Argan Oil on Your Hair

Now you know the wondrous abilities of argan oil, you’ll probably be wondering how you can introduce it into your own hair care routine.

Here are some great tips on using argan oil on your hair to suit the hair/scalp issue you are trying to resolve:

To reduce or improve dandruff

Use 5 or 6 drops of argan oil, warm it up in your hands and then massage thoroughly into your scalp.

The oil will penetrate your scalp even more effectively if you wear a shower cap, as it will keep the oil warmed with your natural body heat.

To treat dry or brittle hair

Apply around 6-8 drops (the amount will depend on the length of your hair) of argan oil to your hands and warm it up between your palms before massaging into your scalp and working it through the lengths of your hair.

Pop on your shower cap and head to bed. Remember to wash your hair in the same way you normally would and rinse it well.

To calm frizzy hair & define curls

To help calm frizz and flyaways, use a drop of oil, warmed up in your palms and work it into your hair – focusing mostly on the ends of your hair (this will help with split ends).

Apply half a drop to your scalp and massage in thoroughly.

To define your curls, apply 2-3 drops of argan oil to your hands in the same way as above and run through your hair.

Put a microfibre towel on your hair and squeeze it gently (don’t rub) before repeating the oil application – work from tip to root for the best results.

To protect from styling heat

2 or 3 drops of argan oil applied before using heat styling tools will help protect your hair from heat.

Run the warmed-up oil through your hair with your palms before combing through your tresses to distribute the oil evenly.

To reduce hair loss

Use a very similar technique to the ‘Preventing dandruff’ method using around 3-4 drops of argan oil and massaging the warmed-up oil into your scalp.

Start at the front of your hairline and work your way back and around – massage for 15 minutes to really allow the oil to sink in and to stimulate blood flow to your scalp. Repeating this around 3 times a week should give you positive results!

To protect from chemical damage

Before swimming, soak your hair with water (not from the pool) and rub in about 3-4 drops of argan oil through your hair from root to tip.

Repeat this each time you head back into the pool. You should also make sure to wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming, apply a couple of drops of oil and avoid using heat styling equipment – let your hair air dry.

To give your hair shine

Just a couple of drops of argan oil applied to your hair each day will help your hair to look healthier and shinier!

Lock in this moisture by braiding your hair – this is an especially great idea if you are spending a lot of time out in the sun, as the argan oil can help protect your hair from sun damage too!

Told you it was a wonder oil!



If we had to recommend just one of these products it would be The Body Source 100% Pure and Organic Argan Oil.

It’s produced ethically to a high standard and has received lots of positive reviews from users who have found that it helped make their hair shinier, softer and more manageable.

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