Laurence Smith

Laurence is the founder and editor of Naturaler. He’s been working in the online world for over 5 years and is trying to live a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle every day.

Natural cosmetics

What Is the BDIH Certification?

The “BDIH Standard” is a certification that aims to provide a clear way of proving that a cosmetics product is truly natural and sustainable. In order to obtain the certification, a product must meet certain criteria. Some of these criteria include the following: Materials should be taken from plants as much as possible (as opposed …

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Best Natural Hair Oils in the UK

Hair oils can help make your hair shiner, healthier and more manageable. Whether you’re trying to control frizzy hair, deal with split ends or repair dry damaged hair, applying a hair oil can help. Oils can also help protect your hair against the harmful effects of the sun and harsh shampoos by coating it with …

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Man by sea

How to Live a More Natural Life

Technological developments in the past few hundred years have brought incredible benefits to our lives. However, the majority of us are now living lives that are very different to those our ancestors led. Our bodies are exposed to manmade chemicals, artificial light and pollution that can have a negative impact on our physical and emotional …

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